Beintehaa- colors Tv TV Show. What wil Preeti do after finding the snake skin? She leaves Om alone to look for the two of them. Mehak narrates stories of ‘naagin’ to Avni and she is thrilled to hear such stories. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He asks waiters to bring juice for them and mixes something in it. At the hospital, Krrish’s mother blames Radhika for her son’s condition but Avni explains that Krrish was already aware that Radhika is a ‘naagin’. Baba Gorakh Das continues his prayers and he is pleased to learn that Krrish’s condition is showing no signs of recovery.

Dayini continues performing black magic and calls evil spirits to get Preeti dayan back to life. In November , Mahima got injured on the set while shooting for a prominent jail sequence, wherein she had to run away breaking the chains. Radhika further makes sure that she will steadily bring an end to every living enemy. Radhika purposefully drinks it and acts as falling unconscious. And Oscar Wilde has said Krrish agrees and surprises her with beautiful arrangements during the night. Sections of this page. After the holi incident there were news of Mahima being replaced by Sanjeeda Sheikh or Sara Khan from the show.

Tv show kaleere TV Season. She understands that Radhika has done a lot for her family but she refuses to put Krrish’s life in danger. Years later Manasvini’s soul returns as Radhika, who is a film making student.

Nevertheless, she continued to shoot and completed her scene.

Adhuri Kahaani Humari

Avni records the entire proceedings and understands Baba Gorakh Das’ real intentions. Dayini asks her not to stress herself, else she will get wrinkles. The family leaves and later Baba Gorakh Das reaches the house as planned.

Sona Creation Entertainment Website. The Times of India. Chand Ke Paar Chalo Geet Mom says Radhika knew everything form before and looked very confident and has not lost her memory. While Preeti stands shocked, Radhika assures her that she will kill all her enmies one by one and Preeti will be forced to watch them die.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The doctors rush to attend to him and Kaahani mother blames Radhika for worsening Krrish’s condition.

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He sings for her and Radhika is immensely pleased by him. But his mother informs him that circumstances have made her have faith in things she never believed in earlier. Later, Purusharth’s family get in touch with their lawyer and try to own the property that once belonged to Krrish and his family.

The story revolves around Manasvini, a young girl, who is killed by a Icchadhari Naagin. It is the ninth television series of 4 Lions Films. He asks waiters to bring juice for them and mixes something in it. After a while, Radhika gets into Avni’s room and prepares to kill her but Avni escapes due to the protective locket she has around her neck.

Gorkah Das then draws a circle around Radhika after trapping her in a net so that she does not turn into a ‘naagin’.

Preeti tortures Radhika by kidnapping Krish. By now, Krrish’s car breaks down and he along with his family is forced to stay where they are. Meanwhile, Krrish is pronounced dead by the doctors and the entire family begins to cry relentlessly. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this aduhri Gorakh Das asks his mahani to lock Avni up and he once again gets back to torturing Radhika.

He arranges romantic table and starts luring her with romantic talks. Mahima Makwana recently met with an accident! But has Radhika killed Om for real? Dolby Digital Westrex Recording System.


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Just as Radhika prepares to leave, Krrish regains consiousness and begins to act episodee. Adhuri Kahaani Hamari — 5. Radhika begins suspecting something fishy when Mahek and her mother don’t return back. Krrish is surprised to see that his mother now believes in such a saint. I readily shot when they made the changes. He starts telling fake memories. MumbaiMaharashtraIndia.

However, later on in an interview laksh clarified the rumors and said. Krrish attends to Radhika while she recovers from the pain caused by the side effects of being a ‘naagin’.

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Later on, people on the sets panicked and took her to the doctor to get the CT scan done [10]. Meanwhile, one of Baba Gorakh Das’ men advice him to capture Radhika but baba Gorakha Das gets furious at his ignorance and informs him that it is better they escape far away and enjoy the wealth and power they can earn with the help of the ‘naagmani’.

She surely has planned something. Adhuri Kahani Humari 30th March Written Episode The episode starts with Dayini performing black magic on Preeti dayan and bringing magical evil strength in her.

Later the story turns to a different series where Maya kills each of the family members and also tries to kill Manu. Meanwhile, Baba Gorakh Das gets excited after laying his hands on the episoodes.