Feride doesn’t want to listen to Mahir. Kader Altun’s testimony at court seems ambiguous. He was able to find Nazif’s ex-wife, Kadir Altun and realizes that she is the same person as Nihan Altun, the mistress of the man he murdered. Home – Vanguard News. Mahir, who is unaware of Turgut’s investigation, is trying to convince Feride that his father was tortured and signed the confession under duress. Voir la chaine TV:

Tell us what you think of the pilot episode of The. Mahir finds his nephew. Al kabaday season 1 episode Use the HTML below. TV By The Numbers by zap2it. Mahir is determined to give a lesson to those who harmed his family, and at the same time he is trying to find his father who is After following the files they discover a name.

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Mahir can escape his arrest and Turgut with the help of Yasin. Turgut needs to take more careful steps.

Make the Season Memorable. Combining this with the key that was sent to Feride, they both head for Buyukada. While waiting for the arrival of Serra, Mahir who is attending the Independence Epieode Ball finds himself dancing with Feride. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local. In the end they catch Cemil.

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In order to cover his tracks he tries to drag the Kara family further into darkness and despair. However, neither Mahir nor Feride are no longer there. When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him. When she learns that Mahir will be spending the night on the island she is devastated. Mahir follows Feride home and proposes a second time to her. On his father’s trial day, Mahir kidnaps Feride.

Know what this is about? Turgut has treacherous plans in mind using this beautiful girl. Mehmet Saim is absolutely against a relationship between his daughter and Mahir whom he believes to be an undercover agent. After following the files they discover a name.


Turgut has been successful in turning actions for his benefit and even convinces Feride to sign Nazif’s detention. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. Things are getting more complex in prison after the murder. Tell us what you think of the pilot episode of The. Orhan shoots Yasin in front of his house on the day of his father’s trial.

Kader who had abandoned her son 30 years ago, comes face to face with Mahir. His father is being charged with the epsiode of the head prosecutor.

At first, Mahir is certain that this is all a misunderstanding, however after a short time passes he is now certain that this is a setup. Feride doesn’t affect from what Mahir has uncovered and decides to do some investigating herself, for this she visits the prison. Mahir decided to reveal the truth to Feride. Turgut instructs Necdet to murder Nazif Kara in the prison. She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market.

Mahir is thinking that with the discovery of the fingerprint his father will be released, but is faced with another obstacle. Mahir is released after his justification and Feride assigns Nazif Kara’s case. He’s determined to take back the money even if he puts his life in danger.

Necdet contacts Faruk in the prison who already has a grudge with Nazif. Mahir, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his childhood friend Ayten, not only is distraught which the happenings at the shop, he is also in shock with the arrest of his beloved asison.


Ayten’s world falls apart when she sees Mahir and Feride hand in hand. Feride’s unexpected involvement makes things more complicated. When Mahir and Safiye go to visit Kader in order to get hold of the file, they encounter a burning house. MBC Pro Sport live. He must find a way to introduce Mahir to Feride. When Serra is sure that Turgut is in love with Feride, she goes to talk to Feride. Mahir is impossible to say “no” to his father.


When Mahir informed this, he doesn’t want to lose Feride’s love. Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, and makes an astonishingly shocking decision. Turgut finds evidence and proves that Mahir entered to Feride’s house and issues an arrest warrant for Mahir. See also TV Schedule.

Yasin discovers surprising information about Serra. Meanwhile, Ayten has prepared dinner for Mahir and his family and she is waiting for his arrival. Necdet and Berdan the Snake, take a plan against Mahir and they succeed it. Mahir escapes from the hands of Berdan the snake. To take what he wants and Mahir enters to Chief Prosecutor’s office where he finds a bloody fingerprint. On the other hand, Turgut forced to act, pursues to find an important witness.

Mahir is however not convinced and starts investigating the matter further. Feride’s response to this will be a great surprise for Mahir. Feride decides to find out by her own answers in the questions that Mahir left unanswered. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Salih Ipek.

Ayten,disappointed with Mahir, decides to confront Feride. Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial.