The method I tried first was the one of hitting the stones at the top. Low arc, detonating such that the body of the WB hit the horizontal, thin wooden block with the Christmas lights on it. You want some of the right-hand-side of the structure to drop down so that you can fire the WB through after. Aim low at the boulders near the slingshot. What you want to happen is have the YB bounce off the wall and then fall down onto thin horizontal wooden block just above the lowest hollow wooden square. I got the feather by going straight to it. Right like your video.

I got the feather and I still had the TNT box untouched and thewood around it after the eagle came through and still got the feather. I have gotten the feather 10 times in 10 attempts using this method. Detailed in above SSs. First bird, shoot relatively flat, taking out the hollow wood square on the second level. Thanks for the screenshot, iamMighty. Ipad 99, Ipod , SS of Bird 2. They are not the highest but I have them.

Either way this is what you are aiming for. Seaons I found most repeatable was to use the first bird on the horizontal board between the two squares at the far left. I kept having issues of the stones not killing the pigs on the left and one stone would always seem to fall to the right. In contrast, when I would destroy all the wood but ignore the boulders I would max out at 80 percent destruction.

I think the trick is getting the eagle to take out the stones above the tnt box held up by the lights and the back stones behind the back of the cave and of course dropping the stones in front of the cave with the 1st yellowbird.

Joan, keep working at it with the method you mentioned. I found it difficult too. A good first shot will take out everything up to the rectangular stone block. I like sending the other yellow bird at the top of the left-most block to make the structure topple. Who would have thought it could be so easy, after trying everything else!


I seasns the first try. To me I can get consistently k if I get the first shot right. I think this os one of hose levels where there are a few different ways to get three stars, and all of those ways can get you a high score, it all depends on the collateral destruction. First bird, shoot relatively flat, taking out the hollow sreck square on the second level. The third shot is easy peasy then.

Angry Birds Seasons – Wreck The Halls – Monde 1 – Angry Birds 3 étoiles

Just a quick confirm of what others are saying re: Keep smiling and Merry Christmas to us all. Yes I play on the iPad. It seems really possible but I just keep messing up in the shots. I just go eeasons all the levels and make sure I 3 haalls them. My trick on the feather was than getting the can to rest near the sones on the ground right before the enterance of the cave, and than the eagle came down and got the sones held up above the TNT box and also taking out the stones on the back side of the cave.

GL and happy slinging: The key is the stones I think, especially behind the anbry of the cave. I nearly always play a single level repeatedly to get three stars, so I always have all stars when I complete a section.

Of course this is only possible if the left part of sseasons structure is almost leveled out. Maybe you can zoom out? The deflated bird should hit the board holding the boulders, and that usually finishes things quite nicely. That will clear some space for the white bird to pop up into the cave.


Angry Birds Seasons Wreck the Halls Level 1-21 3-Star Walkthrough iPhone/iPod/iPad/Droid 65230

SS of Bird 2. I had not looked at this page all day.

Fire backwards waste Yellow Bird: Also thanks to everyone involved in this site and the producers of the AB series of games. Done right, the mighty eagle should land so that mama bird and the boulders are shot to the right at super high velocity and take out much of the structure and are destroyed themselves… Remember, we are trying to destroy or crack boulders … Wood is secondary, as I had a lot left when I got percent.

This, coupled with the damage the egg bomb did to the boulders by the slingshot should be enough to get total destruction in less than 5 tries. I got the feather tge I still had the TNT box untouched and thewood around it after the eagle came through and still got the feather.

Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Wreck the Halls – 1-13 – 111,440 – Andrew Mee

According to the place where the first bird fell into, the key to high score thought. I have gotten the feather 10 times in angty attempts using this method.

The video of the walkthrough on top of this page also has that. Good luck and Aloha.

I have not reversed the shots though I may try it.