It is better to live on alms than to relish the wealth of others. For a similar character, see cowherd. The Raghu family tree has produced a splendid new branch. As just noted, the play is framed by two verses that celebrate the power of poets: How could we like each other? Following the practice of many translators, the stories have been given titles for easier reference. It may be instead that he cannot bring himself to utter the reason.

Look how people trample on a heap of ashes without fear. When subsequently Best-Hero, standing at the door, was 3. Die menschliche Bedeutung seiner Werke. Best-Hero returned to his quarters and roused his wife and son, who were fast asleep. When he saw the watchman from a distance, he took him for a she-ass. N, G, V read as Prakrit, evvam. Life-Giving asked him a ques- tion: Surely when you had to confront all at once disgrace, the dreadful forest, and labor pains, and the packs of flesh-eating beasts encircled you your thoughts were fixed on me, your last refuge, in your terror.

Does not water, even very cold water, split mountains? Is this some kind of distillation of heavenly sandalwood leaves, or are these droplets come from stalks of moonbeams squeezed in a press? Tell me which is he.

How caat we determine whether he is a friend with no hidden motives, or someone who will abuse our trust? Spend some time here with me as a friend.

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How am I to greet these eminent people without knowing their names and stations? Some birds had built their nests in it and lived there happily even during the monsoon.


Where shall we ever again find the likes of so great a benefactor? At the end of Book 1, Slow-Mo also gets caught because of his reckless ac- tion, before being saved by his friends.

So why the arundhaati question? Like the two epics the two plays share a deep resemblance. The heat it sends out everywhere is ferocious. References are to chapter and paragraph. Alas, that too would be a second door of Death. Even his wife abandons him if he has no wealth, let alone other people. Just nirvesam a potter fashions whatever he likes out of a lump 0. When good things come they come in spate. The king smiled at this and requested me to go and prepare my master. If you desire victory, you should march against the enemy without exhausting your own army.

When he saw the watchman from a distance, he took him for a she-ass. Oh I arunshati lost. Furthermore, look, If immaculate and eternal fame can be attained with a perishable, tainted body, then what else could not be attained?

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Look how the pigeons were released from their bonds thanks to their friend, the mouse. All the pigeons were immediately caught in the net, and 1. For, Before arundhhati anything else, one should stock grain, O king. Furthermore, Sandal trees are inhabited by snakes, lotus-bearing wa- ters are infested with alligators; there are always spoil- sport rogues to spoil your enjoyment—no pleasure is without obstacles.

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Take hold of me. Nitvedam History of Sanskrit Literature. How can we survive? However, there is only one story, 3. Dear Rama, is there some further good turn I can do for you? The murals are over here. Come Kusha, my child, and you too, Lava. I have a noble brother named Kusha. That is why I have come here. However, my lord, he acted like an idiot.


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A wise man should accept this and not move from his home. Here he slept in a brothel, at the door of which the madam aeundhati had the wooden statue of a demon erected, with a precious jewel inlaid on its head. They lack foresight, there- fore they shiver without shelter during the monsoon in 3.

In the meantime, her lover managed to escape. It was his fierce acts of asceticism, without the least regard for his body, that saved his ancestors at last— when your waters touched them, blessed one.

The swan is usually considered a noble and wise cst, which has the supernatural power to sep- arate milk from water after they have been blended. When you see a mendicant cazt in the courtyard, be merciless and strike him down with the club. Seeing the two arrive, the crow asked: My child, your two little boys must be looked after.