This made a huge impact in the local industry. Chin Chen Fong Vfx supervisor: Besides playing with cars another thing which I enjoyed was making up stories. My work day is very tough and very busy and very lonely as you are mostly talking to your inner self all the time. Dekh Magar Pyaar Say came out 2 years ago and I feel we still have to match its Filmi look in the local scene. Dec 31,

After the park sequence was over, the whole crew and team moved on to Studio where a small set was constructed by Beenish Waiz. The reality of uneven citizenship has created a sense of isolation. Dec 31, Yes, yes, yes working on 2 different stories let’s see! Please include some actors from arab world too. Strangely enough, bulbs are more harder to control than human beings… and when the director was done with directing people… its the light bulbs that gave all of us quite a ride. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

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Lack of sleep did not really matter as there was much work to be done. In the 80s work sort of stopped in its tracks and we kind of rode the new wave so unfortunately, we had no one around looking after the new generation. We believe that our story has elements which will contribute to that, and in our little effort we will be able to pursue our idea of bringing out the best from our home-grown talent adding hopefully some stars to Pakistani cinema.

Playing the lead were Daniyal and Fyza who were dressed in brand colours, violet and red. A shaadi band began playing shehnaaee and other local instruments but as the night had dawned upon them, it seemed as if their instruments were screaming with pain. After completing a couple of scenes where Sameer would-be-giant was in action, we wrapped up and looked forward to another day enveloped in the astounding world of CG. Now, isn’t he a true inspiration?


Dekh Magar Pyar se ‘is the perfect date movie’: Asad ul Haq D.

Asadul Haq’s Dekh Magar Pyar Se to release in Summers – Brandsynario

Late afternoon on a Thursday in March, people that were spending leisure time at the KPI witnessed an unusual twist of events. As the sailboat needed wind it would come for a few hours early morning; thus, we had to plan everything thoroughly.

It was success at last! Bakery in India’s Bengaluru covers ‘Karachi’ on signboard following protests. Dec 29, Day 1 — April 09, ha Lahore 7 am, Thursday morning… we all made our way to the first location that was on top of a 6 story building in Liberty Market.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Haa the distressing bit was that the balloon just refused to be filled with air as the wind was pretty strong.

Take Cornetto Pop Rock, we have only done 2 videos, but they have become the talk of the town. The ad campaign for Soneri Bank was one of those films that do not come knocking your door every day. This day, thankfully… the sun was on our side and did not give much distress to the dp and director.

Shoot days are hectic, I like to start very early. Tooba, dressed in gray and red stood out from the rest of the crowd as per her role. The movie will be shot in Lahore which Ali dubs the “cultural hub of Pakistan” whereas Asad calls it the “most romantic city in Pakistan”.


It’s not an Indian Bollywood movie, it’s my kind of love affair, a bit subdued but explosive at times. A post shared by Asad Ul Haq asaduhaq on Sep 7, at 3: Asad has a one of a kind personality, that like his work is diverse and interesting.

And the Jazz kiosk shun the very most.

Asad ul Haq sets up Shiny Toy Guns – Aurora

No matter how much new talent enters the industry, some people vilms the real assets and will remain irreplaceable. At one, we placed our 3 main talent… which were to include two elderly men having a relaxed cup of tea by the street corner and a young, merrily chubby young boy enjoying cake rusk who notice the giant child walking around the street. From there on began our journey into the world of laughter, innocent surprise, bright colours ambince a universe of fun as we all dove into the magical world of OWSUM!

A post shared by Asad Ul Haq asaduhaq on Oct 10, at 3: Ace director Asadul Haq is one such example. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. This site uses cookies. In the background, finishing touches were being done on a buggy with shimmering neon lights and assorted reflecting mirrors in all sizes to enhance the shimmer and shine even more so. I had a great production asar.