Play These Before You Die! It was an appropriate ending, IMO. I think you need to get your sarcasm meter fixed. A Flash Of Memory It is only in chapter 4 but if you already beat the game once before, all of the normal songs will be unlocked! Your review has been posted. JRokujuushi said on Jan. With that, Luna gives one last glance back at her bandmates and sets off with her sisters to continue to find answers to what is happening.

Though upon watching the Air anime a second time, I was more confused than sad. Final Fantasy suck I see all the endings and Mother 3 is the best oh I remenber now I have found one Mother 3 unesed music you need the debug room code then you go to Hightway and get a Mr Saturn coffee table then go to chapter 1 by Flint before enter the Sunshine Forest you get out of the coffee table and here it is Sorry my Bad English. Also I think Mother 2 was rated the 5th best Nintendo game in a recent Famitsu poll. You’d better perform well or you’re never going to headline here again! This brown-haired girl seems very familiar but Luan can’t quite place her finger on it. Without spoiling too much… Yes, the fate of several characters in Okami is pretty depressing. Yes, the Rick and Morty copypasta was used twice for comedic effect here. I thought that was such a nice touch.

The Inner 7 have their own specialized preferences for their entertainment. Okami was more humorous than tearjerk-y.

Chuggaaclnroy, Mother 3 has lots of legitimately sad moments moments, like the tragic death of a major character in the first chapter, and the masterful final battle of the game, to go along with the profound and beautiful story of the game itself, throughout. In runs in my family actualy!


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The deranged and now fully enraged lunatic tries to get up onstage to try and murder Luan for insulting him but a lightning blast strikes the triggered fan, allowing Otaku to kick him out of the club. EByay said on Xhapter. But I think when you look at the full story, Mother 3 was more tragic. Leni knocks on the wall, revealing a ladder.

Makes me want to play them even more now. Johnwalt said on Jan. Also I think Mother 2 was rated the 5th best Nintendo game in a recent Famitsu poll. But ever since Spade got a new ax, I’ve been left in this dank and destitute attic.

Dan CiTi said on Jan. I’ll take you to the temporary room they’ve provided me. Lol ffx being firsthow such capter bad game story could end up first? It is impossible to lose against them, since they give you second chances if you lose and they play the same thing each time. She was probably one of the flattest characters in any video game someone had to say it.

Chugbaaconroy author would like to thank you for your continued support. AltoMaximus said on Jan. Von Krieger said on Jan. I thought it was a nice ending, but I found it kind of abrupt and a bit underwhelming to me.


Mother 3 – Chapter 8 – Episode 12

After using the bathroom’s hot spring to heal up, as well as buying 4 more pencil rockets, Luna and Lucy make it to the end of the attic, where a forlorn instrument obstructs their path!

Onion said on Jan. Metal Gear Solid 3: I’m filled with so much epispde. Leni approaches Luan and Lucy to talk to them.

In Mother 3, while I felt for the characters, I never actually cried. I never cried at any time in Final Fantasy games. This is a reference to a joke in Mother 3, where Mike comments about how lonely he is but that it’s not so bad since he has a Happy Box and nice-bodied girls like Nan and Linda to keep him company, which prompts Linda to tell him that that is called sexual harassment these days, to which Mike comments “this is a hard world we live in now.

Let’s Play Mother 3, Pt. 75: New Pork City

Aspirety said on Jan. What fools…how I pity them. We need to do 16 hit combos against it! Everyone abhors my jokes! Seeing as their members are known by a certain suit. Anything else you can think of that should be on here?