Mario Sauret as Dr. Kuro and Suzuki meet the firefighter Megumi, who is willing to put out any fire, literally. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. The chapters were then released across eleven volumes by Kodansha between [12] and Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. She is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto.

Kuro manages to escape but 4 and 5 use one of Go’s machines to transform him into a uncontrollable state. Columbia Music Entertainment Photography: Kuro, however, realizes this as a ruse set up by Dr. After running into Kotaro, they decide on a necklace Dr. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! They are eventually ambushed by a sea monster.

Christian Hess, writing for the German site Animepro, noted the “thin storyline” of the manga. Pochology He comes up on stage and amazes the crowd with the many voices he can make. They set out to obtain bananas for them.

In the anime version, she lived in a house. Yuuji Saitou Production Desk: When they lose the ticket, however, Kuro and M must retrieve it.

Mayo Katagiri as Yaachii. Categories 1 tagalog voice over talent blog blog dls-csb film film expo film making ifx pocholo gonzales smx voice acting voice acting.

Cyborg Kuro-chan

He discovers that Kuro has been infected by a cyborg virus! The robot chwn constructs, though, also falls in love with her! Romeo and Juliet have got married! He is experienced in technology, with an IQ of Mix Theme Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Go, and Kotaro plan a bank heist. He is voiced by Isshin Chiba.


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Satomi Koorogi as Basan Bucchi Riki. Go and his army of robot cats. Deb digs in to it.

He is an avid otakuand often gets himself involved into Kuro’s shenanigans. He appears as a frequent “goon” of his but is in fact kind-hearted and noble. However, Go feels that Kuro is ungrateful to him, and he and the Nyan-Nyan Kuto, including the most well-known Mi, set out to find and kill him, though they eventually surrender and decide to live a more peaceful life.

Whatsapp Button works on Mobile Device only. Rolando de Castro as Romeo. Kuro, Mi, Suzuki, and Megumi go on a rescue mission. She fails at all of them however, but she finds solace in a group of robbers.

Shintaro Inokawa ep 12 Episode Director: She develops a love interest in Kuro, who denies her; she accepts his rejection after numerous attempts to win his heart, though it is shown that he does care for her. Muhammad Hassan Bakr Montage: Nishimura English staff English companies none Broadcaster: Go-kun stumbles upon a treasure map, and he leads the group on a trek up a nearby mountain, with dire obstacles to overcome. The tiger cat had asked Go-kun and Kotaro where “Kid” was, but they misinterpret it as Kuro’s demise.


Hiromi Tsunakake as Nana.

He decides to disguise himself with the skin of a stuffed toy and to continue living as a pet. After coming to Nana’s rescue, Kuro and the others find out that the alternate universe is merely a giant dome hidden underground. The robot kitten in question has a bomb installed. Kuro is on life support after the events of the last episode.

He does not speak like normal Kuro, instead he angrily growls. Go as a normal kitten who was separated from his mother, who sacrificed her life to save him. Kotaro does not believe this however and runs away.