She falls in love with the top-performing lumberjack Ilya Rybnikov only to find out that he bet that he could romance her. Occasionally, too, to reach for what may seem out of their reach. She had to prove herself to both — and she did so, splendidly! Tosya Rumyantseva comes to a Siberian lumber work camp to work as a chef. Vera immediately tosses it into the stove, unopened. Will they work out?! Have you seen any movies in general recently? They are startled to see this stranger sitting and making herself at home in their cabin.

Which is a real shame, because so many lovely and entertaining cinema much of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, for instance falls in between those two ends of the spectrum. She is feisty, unafraid the way she faces up to Ilya in the community hall, when a roomful of dancing couples cannot summon up the courage to oppose his high-handedness —and yet she is also sweet, emotional, with a beguiling innocence that is a delight to watch. Tosya is aghast, and unsure: By then, she was an established actress; she got this part without any audition, it was written for her which was quite rare in Soviet times. Even more, I was able to appreciate the cultural difference. Tosya, however, is hungry, so she rushes off to the stove at one end of the room, and starts to make herself a snack. This is the issue in a nutshell, Madhu. Ilya stubs it out and tosses it away.

Have you seen any movies in general recently?

The Girls (Девчата, 1961) with subs

And, just like that, within minutes, a bet is laid between Ilya and Filya. By then, she was an established actress; she got this part without any audition, it was written for her which was quite rare in Soviet times.


Sadly, most of the actors and the director passed away. The bed next to hers has a bedside table crowded with perfume bottles and cosmetics. The canon of these films is quite large and this list is by no means exhaustive, but my choices were driven by several subtitlws. The Asian region Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan were best at making fairy tales based on Arabian nights or some historical material with Middle Eastern flair they were wonderful!

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With your permission, can I add some trivia? If you want some good, light viewing, give this a try. Pillows are in short supply, and a cook with no professional experience? From other old soviet movies I suppose you can like Give me a complaints book for me it is an ideal romcomBeware of the Car a little bitter-sweet comedy and True Friends not romantic but very nice movie about three old friends on the float-boat. But thank you so much for this review didi. Even more, I was able to appreciate the cultural difference.

And there is only one way to find out why…. Devchata is a light-hearted, sweet and just generally endearing film, which mixes humour and romance very well. At the beginning of the movie, Tosya arrives at her new home: When the film opens, we see one of the supervisors escorting in a new arrival.

Part I and Part II. Have a look at my blog roll — lots of people there who almost exclusively review only old cinema.

I have written about this film previously in My Top 5 Romantic Storylines post. The next day at lunchtime, everybody flocks into the canteen, where—at the hatch—Tosya is hard at work ladling out soup.


She had to prove herself to both — subtitlez she did so, splendidly! The Baltic studios were shbtitles but they usually produced movies based on American or English books and plays or something from the local writers.

Do, please, bring on the recommendations.

The Girls – – English Subtitles

A perfect degchata entertainment ddvchata fantastic characters whose popularity meant that both Shurik and the trio of inept criminals appeared in a number of films for years to come. Finally, just as Tosya is settling down to take a bite out of her snack, her roommates arrive. This means that not only do most Russians know a lot of these films by heart but they have also become an integral part of Russian family traditions, rituals and, of course, language, since the quoting of classic Soviet comedies is something of a national sport.

Filya and Ilya, as is usual with them, begin to play a game of what looks like draughts to me. Tosya, small and none too striking, however, gets overlooked by all the men; when she finally gets sick of being a wallflower, she turns to the only other person around—a tall woman, standing as alone as Tosya is—and begins dancing.

The others are sweeter and kinder.

Same was the case with those actors from local studios: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Directed by Yuri Chulyukin. And there is Nadezhda Rumyantseva, who is a total firecracker as Tosya.