The peoples have drifted apart and so have the languages. The language of this culture, he argues, is Urdu. A Brief History of A Plus: New Delhi and Chicago: In Malik et al. Mohammad Sardar Ali comp. However, despite some official efforts, the gap kept increasing because Indians themselves were so highly polarized that separatist identities, of which these languages were part, were emphasized and exaggerated to the exclusion of re- conciliation and the shrinking of the middle ground. The History of Farishta] Vols.

It is also taught by many universities in the world but, according to a survey of R. The total circulation was 40, copies. Taehsin, Mir Mohammad Khan. Educational Publishing House, Sanskritization was complained against, at least in the case of school textbooks even more than Persianization, though several From Hindi to Urdu. Bukhari was against Hindustani which he sometimes called the language of the Congress Bukhari London Verso revised edition

Broadcasting 3392 in the s in India, and the government was so aware of its potential to influence public opinion that attempts to control it began almost immediately.

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Since television combines the features of both radio and cinema, some of the policies governing the use of language in it derive from the one or the other, as the case may be. Moreover they do not begin at the same height.

In most cases we put in different languages in the same films. In short, radio and the TV spread the spoken language common to India and Pakistan known respectively as Hindi and Urdu in the two countries in the entertainment programmes. Tillthe Bangla script, a modified form of the Brahmi script, from which the Devanagari is descended, was used, but after Bangladesh became an independent country, even this came to an end.

Himal ii; 8 August: Or would it be more precise to ask: Two main overseas broadcasting of A Plus include: Bythis body was lingering on but without much enthusiasm Edn. The reports of the representatives of the rulers.


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This means that this world is yours. Published by Authority, Printed by W.

Further, the language had been a product of Hindu-Muslim cultural synthesis from the thirteenth till the eighteenth century. It is to be remarked as a new elisode in the history of efforts for the propagation of Mohammedanism, or for the reform of its corruptions, how extensively the emissaries of this sect have availed themselves of the press to disseminate their tenets Colvin During the Emergency, the intelligence agencies reported that people follow Urdu programmes better than Hindi ones Ibid.

It was adopted by the Jang Group of newspapers which started publishing their newspapers in it. The epistemological corollary of the medieval world-view was that one endured the world as a mystery without, however, intervening in it unless one was a magician.

One telegram 7 June says: The periodical publications i. Lowest official of the revenue service. Bukhari is specifically discussed. All the other nineteen publications were in Urdu.

In Rahman, Syed Mueenur. Another important insight is that not only did the nature of text-production change, but there was also a lovs change in the consumption of the text.

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After that there would be supplementary readers in Hindi and Urdu Edn. There was a certain Indian language stretching all the way from Peshawar to the border of the Bengal before the Turkish invasions of the subcontinent in the eleventh century. One of them, Mukul Kesavan, argues that the roots of the Hindi cinema are in the Islamicate culture of feudal, decadent, aristocratic Muslim centres of rule of which Lucknow is the best known archetype.

The poetic collection of Maaz Ullah Khan. The report of this year says: They create, support and strengthen identities and tend to polarize South Asia into huge alienated religious and nationalistic Pakistani and Indian identities. Such a bulletin will not be pleasing to the stylist, because it is a conglomeration of the two languages.


Bukhari, the Director of the AIR writes: The first three are famous script writers for film.

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It is only by not losing sight of the continuities and shared cultural features among Pakistanis and north Indians that we can ar to transcend the mutual hatred which threatens to annihilate this ancient land. Thomas, at the Baptist Press.

The personality produced by these contrary streams of ideas was divided, even schizoid in a cultural sense, and often confused. Whereas manuscripts were expensive and difficult to find, the printed products—pamphlets, tracts, books, almanacs, prayerbooks, etc. A Plus has only one sister up till now that is A TV. Printed at the Govt. Bukhari refused to accept it as an From Hindi to Urdu.

Thus, mostly because of business imperatives, Urdu became the major language of the Parsi theatre. This decision led to the hiring of Muslims as broadcasters, while laahore engineers and other workers were Hindus to balance them out Bukhari In most cases the script is written in English.

However, pronunciation was only the outward manifestation of the language ideology which placed Persian at qur higher pedestal in the hierarchy of languages than the indigenous languages and word-stocks of the subcontinent. Famous Pakistani Dramas on A plus: Faruqi, Shams ur Rahman.

The modern texts, on the other hand, endorsed middle class virtues: It published a journal epieode Hindustani, as well as books both in Urdu and Hindi. There were also a number llve polemical publications which have been mentioned in the chapter on Urdu as an Islamic language.