In an angry confrontation, Zeenia drops the box on the floor and it breaks open. The scene when Serena and Zain are having a heart-to-heart. Truly childhood traumas are hard to let go off! I meant Zain was Ashar of that time, totally agree with you SZ. This led to arguments between the couple and Zara began to overdose, secretly ordering pills from Pakistan. Sareena becomes close to Iltatmish, often playing pranks on him in the same manner as Saniya did with Qabacha 27 years ago. King Kong was classic, loved it! Reminded me of my father and how he used to teach us fay ki boli and as kids we used to be so amazed as to how he could talk like that!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Aamir Zaki and Zoe Viccaji. Zeenia and Zarak eventually get engaged and Zeenia becomes open to the idea of remaining in Pakistan. And would not like my fun to be ruined. Meanwhile, Sareena wonders why Saniya has never married and tries to find her an ideal match which ends in humorous disaster, she later finds out about Saniya’s history with Qabacha. Every character is different. I am still on the fence, though.

Zain has a box which is locked and hidden, Zeenia is eager to know what her father is hiding. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat The veterans silsialy no introduction, and the newer lot have recently given very good accounts of themselves.

Saniya and the rest of the household are left devastated.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay

Hey sz loved the episode too it has that hasina moin touch…. I enjoyed the way the characters interacted with each other.

And yes, Tanhaiyan was definitely awesome. In one watch they get all the answers but wait they might complain the story was rushed. She explains that she only sees him as a friend, because their friendship is too special and doesn’t need to change. Fatima Awan December 30, It is a episode-sequel directed by Marina Khan.


I absolutely loved this first scene, it was touching and sweet. Later that day, Bibi receives a phonecall from Zain who says he will be arriving that night. Tanhaiyan is an integral part of my very fond memories of growing up, friends, family, Karachi….

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 1

Sareena remains optimistic and upbeat, forming a bond with her aunt Saniya and Bibi, wanting to stay in Pakistan because being with her relatives makes her feel close to her mother. I had watched the original when it first aired — I remember calling up my bff as soon as the episode ended and we gabbed for hours after, going on and on and on. Here are some pics of their nikaah that showed up on my FB news feed.

Yes, I like Shehroze too and am looking forward to seeing him in a big serial: The serial revolves around Saniya coming to terms with her sister’s death and wanting answers from Zain, who refuses to explain what had happened to Zara.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Drama All Episodes Reviews and Story |

He was such a gentleman. Aani explains to Qabacha tanhaihan he has been like this since a business deal went wrong and the family had lost everything, Qabacha vows to help the family and regain Faran’s affection.

Please give me a break!

Aamir Zaki and Zoe Viccaji. I am now guessing the actual story will probably start around the third episode or so …. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Ep: Tanhiyaan aur Mohabeitin azal se jari hei aur abad tuk jari rahe gi Raaston mein andheri atay rahe gay pur charagh bhi jalte rahe gay Faraan Uncle summed up the essence of life in these two lines, life is all. There is disruption outside the house as a mysterious owner is moving into the house next door, the mover turns out to be Qabacha Behroze Sabzwariwho has returned from Dubai and has moved in with his son Iltatmish Shehroz Sabzwari.


Farhan uncle has become real cranky,what really happened to the poor soul.

I guess Episide should give it time to develop but they should have a good reason for this estrangement. I liked the way we were shown the two very different facets of her personality. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

First saw him in Karachi High — ups and downs of school life. Shahzad Khalil the man behind the magic was no longer among us. Meanwhile, Sareena wonders why Saniya has never married and tries to find her an ideal match which ends in humorous disaster, she later finds out about Saniya’s history with Qabacha.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 1 – Full Pakistani Drama – video dailymotion

Please leave good enough alone!! Of course no harm at all. Kabaacha is too cute and adorable for words and I ailsilay have said this before but I have to say it again that only Behroz Sabzwari could have done such a brilliant job of portraying such a difficult character.

I was not really following on spoilers and stuff and knew nothing about what may or may not happen in the sequel.