After your son joined the shop, he became my kid. How like him to only believe it when the Doc says so. And I want to give Crazy Chicken hugs forever. And it seemed like he hadn’t married that ramen woman. Don’t mind the step-brother thing, either, cause if CS loses EB, he could gain a hyung, and that would be awesome for him. Now that kind of twist, I find satisfying. My heart can not handle the sunking of KH-EB ship.

So it’s not such a BIG surprise. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Jung Il Woo Main Cast. Queen of Reversals or something? Or maybe she will yet realize later on. I clicked and abused, I suppose the replay button. Half my dose for this week!

I’m still waiting on subtitles so it’s nice to have all the missing pieces filled in. I love KH more and more as each episode unfolds. Eun-bi asks Kang Hyuk’s relationship with her father was.

The greatest wish of Yang Eun Bi Lee Ramyuun Ah is to attain the respect, prestige and job security of becoming a high school teacher. Her double standards are so appalling. Shukmeister December 5, at 7: Chi Soo vs Eun Bi round 1. Two Park Shi Hoo dramas that they rewrote it so the lfower would end up with 2nd lead. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It feels so different from the normal Korean rom-coms, with no convoluted family histories and none of the main leads seems to be suffering from excess emotional baggage.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Not in an asshole-y way, just a gentle reminding way. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

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Chi Soo calls himself Choi Chi Soo sometimes They literally have something 4 times more tastebuds. There are also little pieces of egg cut into flower shapes, ha. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Chi Soo vs Daddy Cha.


Cruelsummer December 5, at 8: I still think that could be achieved in ramyuj metaphorical sense without actual kinship ties, but this is a Korean drama, so who am I to complain about another birth secret? Then out of guilt he smothered Chi-soo with affection. Episode 6 by Helcat. I knew this brother thing was gong to happen but I’m not sure if it’ll be laid out in motion in the plot or just some twists that aren’t really twists because they turn out different.

The boys complete their bowls of ramyun, but Chi-soo complains that Kang-hyuk must have added ingredients to his, because it tastes different. Eppisode seen too many dramas with the rich chaebol act that is bly in Chi-soo’s character. You couldn’t have known, and God knows a network’s explicit wish to deal in pretty boys rarely ends well for the actual quality of the drama, but oh man.

Since there is such an large age gap, Kang Hyuk might know of Chi Soo’s existence but not visa versa? Daddy Cha proposes buying out the store, and Kang-hyuk readily declines. The kiss in the starting of this episode is the best kdrama kiss i’ve ever seen Even though my guy is over a decade younger than me, I’d chose Pillar Panda over the Youngster if it were me. Just double checked, so he says: I was waiting all day!

Maybe “Dom” just saw a different translation The Ramyun Lover’s Team. As she studies diligently to prepare for the teacher certification exam, she keeps running into Cha Chi Soo Jung Il Woothe only son of the owner of the largest food conglomerate in Korea.


Kang Hyuk calls himself “ja pye jeung kko maeng yi”. And to think I started watching epjsode on a whim because the title was stupid and I thought it would break my kdrama addiction.

You know the rule, people in dramas are supposed to be larger than life. That was talked about when 1 Bi asked Kang Hyuk about the zodiac signs lol. This series is so addicting. Seo Bum Suk Supporting Cast. I guessed at a lot of the conversations, but was curious how EB was explaining to CCS why they couldn’t be together not just because of the age difference but because of how different their worlds are.

Put yourself in the cameraman’s shoes.

Watching way to many Kdramas. CS having great sense of taste, i had thoughts of it Is Kang-Hyuk’s family name Choi?

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JB, I surprised that you didn’t see the half brother thing developing. And then I took a cold shower. Half- brothers, or actual ship One step forward for princess. Episodes by odilettante. I didn’t like the whole birth secret idea at first, but now rhat I think about it, I’m kinda warming up to it. My day is fulfilled now!!!