She encourages him to tell his whole story in the video. Created with WeVideo Video Editor www. Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Retrieved September 30, He has a flashback to being a homeless youth, being watched over by a lion statue, no doubt a part of how he chose his stage name. Empire Original Soundtrack from Season 1 [Deluxe] The second season had ten roles receiving star billing, with seven of them returning from the previous season, in addition to three characters upgraded from the first season. When the girls keep fighting, Cookie takes over the training.

Lucious has men from prison “visit” board members, convincing them to withdraw their bids for CEO. He gives Hakeem a gun and tells him that, if he doesn’t kill Lucious then and there, he’ll come after him. Mimi names Camilla as her proxy while she is away for cancer treatment. When they finally meet face to face, Hakeem drops the name Lyon. Retrieved November 12, After Jamal chased them out of Empire, Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika decide to start their own record label named Lyon Dynasty, but Cookie kicks out Anika after they disagree on how to lead it. Later, when Cookie wants to hire his abductors for Lyon Dynasty’s security, Hakeem draws a gun on them, but Cookie saves the situation.

Lucious buys Apex Radio to control the music outlet and signs Valentina to Empire. This gets the young Lyon’s blood boiling, so he logs on to the Empire world’s equivalent of Periscope, promising a battle rap against young Freda.


This Empire battle was!

Cookie tries to plan Tiana’s tour, but Andre tells her that Camilla won’t approve the budget. Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on October 26, Prod By Retro Retro 10 months ago.

Laz calls off his deal with the mobsters. Retrieved September 24, Jamison tells Jamal that Lucious was the one who told him about his hookup with Skye. Andre is sent to clear a gang hakee, against Freda and blackmails deputy Mayor Alvarez.

Lucious is relieved and takes Andre back. Jamal tells him that Lucious was trying to sabotage his ASA nomination. Factz ft Hakeem Lyrics The Lyricist 2 years ago.

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Look But Don’t Touch feat. At Hakeem and Laura’s wedding, Shyne creates a fight, leading to Laura deciding to not be a part of Hakeem and his family.

Retrieved Vvs 5, Retrieved November 24, Hakeem and Jamal head to a poor neighbourhood looking for Freda. And yes, it’s as ridiculously branded as it sounds, like one big commercial that’s far more annoying than some casual product placement. Appericate your View, and Like. Retrieved October 27, He reveals how he chose his name previously Dwight Walker. Retrieved April 12, The vulnerable young Laura empirr revealed that she’s a virgin.

The Freda vs. Hakeem rap battle on ‘Empire’ — who’s the strongest Lyon?

Lucious wants to become a major player in the streaming business. Rhonda confronts Anika about her accident, and if it was Anika who pushed her.


Retrieved November 2, Rhonda tells Andre that she doesn’t believe there is a God after the loss of their baby despite her prayers. Retrieved August 4, Archived from the original on October 28, Chris RockLenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys were originally slated to guest star as themselves, [8] but it was later revealed that Rock would play Frank Gathers.

The show centers on a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders’ family as empirre fight for control of the company. The family rushes to the hospital to rally around Rhonda and Andre. Lucious reveals elements of his past, including his mother’s abuse, to Cookie.

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Meanwhile, Jamal begins a relationship with one of the judges at the ASA awards, but discovers that the judge have not and won’t come out as homosexual. He spends a majority of the episode trying to craft the song, but he can’t do it without help. Camilla tells Hakeem that Mimi is leaving her Empire shares to her when she dies.

They perform for and with people on the street. Retrieved October 19,