Federico Bebi as Romeo Convault Teenager. Retrieved May 18, Shizuka Itou as Flare Corona. Seirei Dekki ” Japanese: Member feedback about List of Fairy Tail episodes season 6: August 21, [14].

February 24, [93]. In response to the fight, school counselor Carla gathers the students to be lectured by their principal, Plue, who gives an unintelligible speech that only Carla and a chastened Natsu understand. Akron Watson as Cait Shelter Wizard ep 63 and Sabrina Duranti as Marl. October 23, [23]. Satomi Satou as Wendy. Retrieved 16 July

Joel McDonald as Wobbly. Retrieved December 3, January 14, [47].

Retrieved July 5, While he was working in theater, he joined Funimation as a voice actor, with some minor bits in Black Cat and Peach Girl. Laxus makes Natsu and Elfman run menial errands; Juvia feeds Gray with ice and water funimatioon her body; Mirajane engages in sadomasochistic play with Erza; Gajeel uses Lucy as a backup dancer alongside Levy for a music routine; and Panther Lily forces Happy and Carla to carry him around the city. The Labyrinth of Magic: Sergio Lucchetti as Bob Zoldeo.

Bill Flynn as Crux Robaul. Eleonora Reti as Elsa Knightwalker.

Clint Bickham 6 episodes eps 9, 16, 20, 31, September 2, [68]. June 16, []. While following them, Lucy stops a runaway carriage that carries her own younger self, who notices the emblem on her present self’s hand and becomes inspired to join the guild.


Fairy Tail (TV)

Jennifer Seman as Ikaruga. June Jun 17, July 10, [8].

June 17, [57]. Haitoku to Zainin ” Japanese: June 10, [56]. Member feedback about Disney Fairies: Retrieved September 20, The season initially ran in from Ap Jeong-Gu Lee as King of the Spirits. Sofia Brito as Happy Portugal. She is initially disgusted by the filthiness of their house, but notices that they have taken special care of various memorabilia they have collected from all of their missions with her.

Afterwards, Erza cheers up and invites her friends to a karaoke bar. Blue Exorcist topic Blue Exorcist Fary July Jul 30, Member feedback about List of Black Butler episodes: July 8, [60].

List of Fairy Tail episodes

Retrieved August 26, Akron Watson as Cait Shelter Wizard ep 63 and Alessio Nissolino as Sho. Funimation moved into the Lakeside Business District with a ten-year lease, in JulyFunimation confirmed that they had acquired distribution rights to several Geneon titles, including some that Dnglish had left unfinished when they ceased operations. Patrick Seitz as Laxus Dreyar. Erza, the student council president, asks Lucy and fellow transfer student Wendy to help her prepare for a date with Siegrain.


List of Fairy Tail episodes – Wikipedia

Hiroki Touchi as Pantherlily. Thomas Sagols as Midnight. A spriggan, a singular borrowed from the Cornish plural spyryjyon ‘spirits’ is a legendary creature known from Cornish faery lore.

A spin-off titled Magi: Member feedback about Fairy Tail: There was also a special one-off episode called ‘Let’s Start a Band! Spice and Wolf Among New U. Plot Hiyori Iki is a normal middle school student until she was involved in a bus accident while trying to protect a stranger.

Akuma Tensei ” Japanese: Sheldon Drzka Subtitle Styling: Emiliano Coltorti as Gerard Fernandez Mistgun. Member feedback about List of The Return of Superman episodes: Kazuo Asada Masashi Takatori Photography: Catherine Desplaces as Leon enfant.

Retrieved January 3, Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. Lindsay Seidel as Angel Cuberos.

R Bruce Elliott as Faust.