With the Browns trailing the Ravens , quarterback Josh McCown, under heavy blitz pressure, lofted the ball toward the edge of the end zone and Barnidge, who was being covered by safety Will Hill. Part of that has to do with his team-first attitude — “I don’t really care about individual stats,” he professes — but it also has to do with what he describes as the exciting young roster. In his career, Barnidge has played in games with 33 starts, including 40 games with 22 starts as a Brown in the past three seasons, and has collected 99 receptions for 1, yards with 10 TDs. Once weekly he takes 10 fans who correctly answer a movie trivia question. As long as the guys buy in, everything’s gonna be good and that’s what we’re looking for. Lest there be any confusion, Gary Barnidge’s favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump. Barnidge is entering his eighth year in the league, and he knows that, as a veteran, he’s looked up to on and off the field.

Just amazing acting by Val Kilmer as Doc. He estimates that in , he started watching horror movies in a fanatical way. Barnidge invites underprivileged kids to Browns games and each week gives one the shoes he wore. Such a poor story. Barnidge was one of 20 of Cleveland Magazine’s most eligible singles in the February issue. United We Brunch is coming back in April. Cleveland Scene on Social Media.

A movie aficionado who hopes to one day be a movie critic, Barnidge also gives back to Browns fans with a weekly movie giveaway. Photo courtesy of Gary Barnidge, Instagram. The ketchup in Browns Tight End Gary Barnidge’s B-spot platter — an extra platter requested expressly for said ketchup — has now assumed the precise dimensions of a Baenidge Barrel pancake.


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He can run after the catch. Barnidge arrived in Cleveland from Carolina for the season.

Everything else will fall into place. Cleveland Scene Bolivar Rd. And for talking that blgo up for over a year, you would expect it not to be so poorly executed. Staff Pick Events Staff Pick.

Browns Tight End Gary Barnidge is a Pro Bowler, but Mainly Wants to Talk About Movies and Art

That’s a huge aspect of the movies that people don’t really pay attention to. The ending line is barnidgr. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. But the movie that got him into movies, irrevocably, is The Goonies. Silence of the Lambs. Limitless and Unknown received seven and one-half tickets, Rango eight.

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The 6-foot-6, pound Barnidge, who spent five seasons in Carolina before signing with Cleveland inis more of a tight end in the traditional sense. In the locker room, he says he does what he can to ensure that his tight ends know routes inside and out. There was no development with the bad guys, the sister and the brother — I still don’t know who that barnodge is.

That all changed in Just amazing acting by Val Garyy as Doc. Among other things, he’s the co-founder of an international nonprofit, American Football Without Barriers barbidge, that hosts a camp abroad every year, hoping to encourage the popularity of American football overseas and nurturing foreign talent in the process.

The way it ended was amazing with all the fighting and action. Cleveland Scene on Social Media. Barnidge was one of 20 of Cleveland Magazine’s most eligible singles in the February issue.

The man wants details. He comes right out and says that he’s been disappointed with the crop of blockbusters this summer, an opinion with which I enthusiastically agree.


Browns tight end Gary Barnidge emerges as big playmaker

The only reason we’ve met here at the Crocker Park B-Spot is because it’s in the shadow of Regal Cinemas, Barnidge’s home theater and the place you’re barnidye likely to find him outside of Bolg, FirstEnergy Stadium, and his Westlake home. He takes several on an annual Christmas shopping spree. Barnidge is a traveler — three new locations per year is his stated goal — barnidgr art enthusiast, and a guardsman and guru of the horror film genre, his personal favorite.

Barnidge, a seventh-year player who joined the Browns as an unrestricted free agent inhas already set career highs in all receiving categories this season, including a team-best 55 receptions and seven touchdowns. He was a kid growing up in Jacksonville, Florida.

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His website includes cinema news, intrigue and reviews — based on a ticket rating. Throughout the season, Barnidge consistently embodies the Browns First and Ten community message, which focus on volunteering to impact the Cleveland community and inspiring all Browns fans to give at least 10 hours of service each year.

He does the weird movies but they’re always good. His favorite in the genre is Barnirge of the Living Dead from