A central dosing system that can be linked to washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, and manual cleaning stations to maintain the level of detergent in each of the department’s units. Getinge series A reliable and efficient washer-disinfector, with suitable accessories to meet your demands for up to 10 DIN trays. Has a capacity of DIN-trays. Ask us about Getinge series. Solutions for Full Traceability Process record can easily be maintained via built-in or external printer. Product brochure System accessories.

Home Products Getinge series. Questions or inquiries about this? Detergents and rinse agents are automatically dispensed during cycle. Change to the US website. Getinge’s products, services and solutions contribute to Getinge Group’s continuum of care; enabling surgeries and contributing to life sciences. By browsing this site you are agreeing to this. Fully automatic and highly flexible loading and transport system for washer-disinfectors. Getinge 88 Turbo Ensures fast and superior cleaning and disinfection of a load of up to 15 DIN-trays.

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Global links About us Contact us. Every detail of the water system has been optimized for better performance. The system consists of MIS modules in four different shapes, enabling you to configure your loading equipment to meet your requirements.

Wasuer and easy to maneuver loading and unloading trolleys for washer-disinfectors.

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Instrument wash-carts Modular design and interchangeable parts make it easy to adapt the carts to a wide variety of instruments and other goods. Getinge 88 Turbo Ensures fast and superior cleaning and disinfection of a load of up to 15 DIN-trays.

Highly ergonomic modular loading equipment can be combined and modified to meet every need. Switch to the US site. Compact washer-disinfector, with a good capacity level of up wawher 10 DIN trays.


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Ask us about Getinge series. Better use of space.

Getinge Clean offers a complete, comprehensive range of instrument cleaning detergents and maintenance products to meet all your department needs, providing efficient and economical throughput along with maximum performance. Life Science Solutions for Unique Turbo Concept The Getinge WD46 Turbo features a multi-tasking system, which enables us to offer one of the markets shortest process times.

This means improved patient safety and reduced cost for the healthcare facility itself. Optimizing sustainability – unique benefits for ST Disifector turbo version uses the lowest possible amounts of water, detergent, and energy for a product of its size, reducing your overall environmental impact.

I, L, U and Center modules. Folding door A folding door frees floor space while improving e rgonomic position and loading height of the wash cart. Social media YouTube Channel. The result is less resistance in the system, sisinfector water flow in the chamber and better cleaning result.

Energy-saving Drying Unit The design of the drying unit helps save energy by using a heat exchanger to preheat the drying air and remove water vapor from the chamber exhaust. The Getinge series are fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, washer disinfectors. Standard features like independent temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring of the circulation pump and easy to clean spray arms help ensure safe and reliable operation. The turbo version uses the lowest possible amounts of water, detergent, and energy for a product of its size, reducing your overall environmental impact.

Simply select one of the 6 pre-set programs and press the start button. The page or information you have requested is intended for an audience outside the United States. Getinge series product brochure.


The new Getinge series is a smarter washer-disinfector — specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by CSSDs, clinics and practices worldwide. A screen saver extends the life of the backlit LCD display. Getinge has space for up to four levels of wash carts.

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This means improved patient safety disinfecfor reduced cost for the healthcare facility itself. For more information, washet refer to the loading brochures under the menu “Downloads” or contact your local Getinge representative.

Specially developed to match the needs of dental clinics, surgical departments, sseries the way up to larger central sterile supply departments, the units clean and disinfect all kinds of items on four or five wash levels.

High washing capacity Folding door Easy to use Ergonomic handle. As an option, the Getinge WD46 Turbo can be equipped with an automatic drying sensor. Below the screen there are six programmable buttons for the most common programs. Getinge series washer-disinfectors combine hygienic and ergonomic solutions with well-proven technology for maximum user safety. Ask us about Getinge series. Product brochure System accessories. The chamber dimensions are adapted to sterilization, using trays, baskets or other accessories specially made for the chamber size.

There are four module shapes: