PowerManga Only goes back to Chapter And as a side note. Loved Gintoki’s priceless reaction face. This was simply the best, hilarious from start to end!! See the full rules for examples. More comedy focused than One Piece, but when it does have serious arcs they’re really good. Yeah but they’re not going to make a one shot collab serious enough to bring out Gintoki’s serious side.

He would not act blunt and “mean” like that. I miss the show too. They censored Tsukuyo’s part! Gintoki can get stuff done when he needs to. Probably just friendly ribbing. The whole series is on Crunchyroll give it a try, its primarily a comedy anime with some serious arcs in it.

Use spoiler tags for anything that hasn’t been revealed in the anime yet. I take it this is an elaborate prank or something. While I glntama all of that, I still want to see Kamui and all of the antagonists of the show.

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That was fun lol. Be in a text post format. And some that die deserve life. We had our 20 minutes In this case, “it” is Hasegawa. I wouldn’t say it has tons. We he did do the collaboration.

And it’s largely because it contains my favorite fight of all the media I’ve experienced. Best harem for D Where can I find that? Man, I remember watching that episode.

Also, if we compare both mangas, I personally find more interesting and unique Oda’s style of drawing. Trolling, baiting, or obviously provocative comments may episods removed at moderator discretion. Lol, Gin got trolled so bad. You must wait a day to post any other discussions in a thread. Gintoki is pretty different from a lot of other Shounen protagonists, and Oda probably doesn’t want to make a collab with another Mangaka where the characters bicker and argue with each other.


There was a comment about Oda wanting ranks among mangaka in the past after all.

Gintama’ Episode 39 Discussion

Oh god the no sleep episode that ending for gintamaa radio story XD only Gintama can make such a heartwarming tale and then troll us with it. Too bad only Madao was the only one not trolling him.

In addition, Youtube reviews and theorist videos must: Trolling, baiting, or obviously provocative comments may be removed at moderator discretion. Do not repost questions answered in the FAQ or sidebar Use the search bar, your search engine, and the FAQ to ensure that you are not reposting recent content or already answered questions. Yeah, I finished Gintama in two weeks as well. It’s from another anime called Gintama, which parodies other anime and is full of silly jokes.

Love both animes they fpisode amazing, however i personally find gintama to be funnier but I also think that One Piece has the epksode story line.

XD I miss Host Gintoki!


OnePiece comments other discussions 2. If you suspect trolling, report and ignore. This is more of an emphasized guideline than a rule. At one point all 6 claim that he is a shichibukai and he’s in the back listening to this and remarks “The hell I am!!!

Like One Piece, it starts out a little slow, but after about 25 episodes it starts to get really good. Gintmaa mai, it would turn up that Hasegawa was the only one not trolling him XD. At least use his latin name! Oda and Sorachi’s comments; http: He would not act blunt and “mean” like that. Would be funny for sure seeing them argue about stuff but they wouldn’t get a lot done which would make for a boring story. Also One Piece gets mentioned in so many other works, so to Oda it’s nothing special.


I can’t stop laughing!!!! Yeah this is like season 5 episode, I started watching during the 2 week one piece manga break, and I just binge watched the whole damn series cause it was sooo good.

Thanks for the link! The characters in both show have such awesome quirks and personalities. One of these days Gintama might gingama the death off me lol. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na shichibumai. Like you I hsichibukai that One Piece has a better world building no doubt and the story is full of amazing lands, mythology, races, kingdoms, cultures and organizations.

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