He gets misunderstood by Do-ji as a patient tries to bribe him Lady Da-hee is ill from disappointment and stress but still searches for Jun. They decide to take an alternate route to meet the King in Pyongyang, when they meet with enemy troops. Heo Jun goes undercover as a smuggler to find out where the poison used to kill the Fifth Counselor came from. Doctor Heo asks the King permission to leave the palace to gather medicinal information from the Ming. The selection process for the new queen has been narrowed down to two candidates.

Heo Jun gets in trouble with the senior doctors for not listening to their instructions. They arrive near the capital at Samgae port, which seems to have a tense atmosphere. Lord Sung In-chul asks Doctor Yu to treat his wife who is deathly ill. Ye-jin finds that the prisoner Lady Yun is pregnant. Jun persistently begs Doctor Ahn to teach him about medicine. Do-ji treats Lady Kong-bin’s brother-in-law, but his illness relapses.

He meets Ye-jin again at the dock Jun gets saved by an ex-royal physician and meets his young daughter, Mi-hyeon. Heo Jun finds out about Master Samjuk’s past and gets an unexpected visitor. Chinese envoys are on their way to Hanyang and the public health nurses are expected to entertain them.

The barbarians propose a trade to General Heo but he guaam forced by the Lordship to decline it. Do-ji finds Ye-jin working at the public hospital. Jun persistently begs Doctor Ahn to teach him about medicine. Sang-hwa is shot and gets separated from the rest of the group.

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Heo Jun opens a clinic in Saneum after seeing poor patients who are unable to receive treatment at Doctor Yu’s. Heo Jun finds out about Doctor Yu’s illness and is determined to find a cure.


Heo Jun proves the innocence of Ye-jin and Chae-sun. Lady Oh seeks to make amends with Heo Jun before she leaves Hanyang.

Gu-am Heo Jun – Season 1, Episode Episode 80 –

Ye-jin enters the palace to become a royal nurse, but finds herself a shocking welcome. Doctor Yu promotes Heojun to be the store keeper.

Yang-tae goes to Doctor Heo’s mother and wife for assistance. Lord Jung-myung confesses his feelings to Ye-jin. Doctor Heo’s family awaits epjsode him so that they may leave together.

Lady Oh is seriously ill, but refuses treatment from Heo Jun. Do-ji makes sure that Lady In-bin gets top quality ingredients for her tonic, but it causes a shortage to make Lady Kong-bin’s medicine.

The Ming send troops to help fight against the Japanese army. While the officers are in search for Lee Jeong-chan and his uoon, Da-hee, he passes away.

Heo Jun passes the state medical exam with highest honors, hwo Do-ji to worry about his status in the medical bureau. Heo Jun must leave for Eisode, but the sick patients he comes across continue to delay him.

Lady Kong-bin is in critical condition. The constabulary deputy gives Heo Jun time to treat patients that were infected by the plague.

Being the son of a concubine, Jun is mistreated by his older half-brother and dismissed from his father’s birthday feast.

Do-ji puts Heo Jun in charge of treating Prince Sinsong’s illness. Meanwhile, Hong-choon and episods husband seem to be having personal issues. Heojun receives a surprising praise from Doctor Yang. Do-ji finds out that Ye-jin is in Hanyang. Meanwhile Heo Jun treats a patient with the same illness at the public hospital.

Do-ji gets another promotion and Ye-jin begins to see the non-medical duties required of her as a royal nurse. Heo Jun continues to exhibit outstanding knowledge during his training, causing Do-ji to further worry about his standing at the bureau.


Heo Jun tries his best efforts to save Ye-jin. After Doctor Heo is released from exile, the King asks him to return as a palace doctor. They also take the gifts he received from Lady Sim.

Do-ji treats Lady Kong-bin’s brother-in-law, but his illness relapses. Lord Jung-myung is arrested and accused of treason.

Gu-am Heo Jun

Heo Jun and everyone else who helped treat the plague are handsomely epjsode by the King. Heo Jun takes over the clinic when Lady Oh decides to pay a visit.

The priest teaches Do-ji that the most important part about being a doctor is to have sympathy for sick people. Ye-ji leaves the clinic to go to Do-ji. The nurses take an important exam to determine their fate. Heo Jun finds suspicions of murder.

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Heo Jun’s fate is decided when the King decides to banish him for the capital. Meanwhile the King’s counsel debates whether they should move the King to the Ming.

Heo Jun is ordered to replace Do-ji in treating Lady Kong-bin’s brother, but his methods directly challenge the medical skills of Doctor Yang. Kyeom and the rest of the family believe that Doctor Heo has already left and decide to leave on their own.