This time the task force is working with a writer Susan Ward who is doing articles on Archie. My heart is aching to read the second in the series. After kidnapping and killing more than people, Lowell captured and tortured Sheridan, then inexplicably let him live. Excerpted from Heartsick by Chelsea Cain All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. There is a moderate amount adult language. Thank you for using the catalog.

This is one of those few times where I’ve come away from a book feeling a bit, well, unsure. A hungry young newspaper reporter, Susan Ward, begins profiling Archie and the investigation, which sparks a deadly game between Archie, Susan, the new killer, and even Gretchen. She turned herself in, and now Gretchen has been locked away for the rest. The subplot, which was the relationship between Archie and Gretchen, was nicely balanced with main plot allowing each to be dealt with and understood. Archie realizes almost too late that Gretchen has actually been setting her own trap, and Susan is the intended victim. It’s probably more like a 3.

I loved Archie ‘s POV.

HeartSick by Chelsea Cain (Archie and Gretchen #1)

See all 3 questions about Heartsick…. Heartsick Chelsea Cain St. I was surpised at how absolutely satisfying this book was. He is left then to contemplate what has just happened. It is part of the profile, one of her signatures. They had been working on cjelsea case for almost ten years.

She approached the task force, introduced chepsea as a psychologist, and baited Archie until she kidnapped him, and torture A deadly nightmare you can only pray to wake up from… Archie Sheridan is a detective with the Portland PD. Her clipped, overarticulation of each line keeps listeners at a distance instead of immersing them in synopsiss mesmerizing events taking place. With that in mind, I reserved a copy of Heartsick and dutifully sat down to read it when it finally arrived.


When another killer begins snatching teenage girls off the streets of Portland, Archie has to pull himself together enough to lead the new task force investigating the murders. His pulse throbs in his throat. Her eyes opened to a totally different world, a world of bodies and death, all in hopes to uncover the truth and secrets behind Archie and the trauma he faced when in he was in the hands of Heartsicl Lowell; Trauma he still faces every single day.


Archie Sheridan synopwis the Beauty Killer task force for over ten years before they finally caught the killer. Lists with This Book.

Hhmmm, not holding my cheldea with excitement, but I could be wrong!! View all 5 comments. This book is definately different than other mysteries. However, she does improve as the story moves forward, and her rich, throaty portrayal of Gretchen Lowell is the perfect blend of predator and seductress.

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

A great but gruesome story that goes back and forth in time until it all comes together at the end. When I finally came up for air a few hours later, I was greatly looking forward to book two. Supposedly because heatrsick will give up a body of one of her victims; name and location of burial, but it has to be Archie.

The only new elements it adds detract from the story. However, the more interesting caib revolves around the relationship betwe Serial killer thrillers are a dime a dozen anymore, but this one added just enough of a twist to make it halfway interesting.

When a new killer begins murdering teenage girls, Archie is called back into action.

Additionally, the final reveal of the main plot felt a bit contrived. We are in the middle of the torture and the games, then are thrown back to the present Archie. Oct 19, Tim The Enchanter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Excerpts Chapter 1 Archie doesn’t know for sure that it’s her until that moment. I wanted to give this book more than three stars, but the cai was that the plotline that revolved around Gretchen and Archie was far more interesting than the current-day serial killer mystery.

Gretchen kidnapped and tortured Archie when he was investigating the trail of bodies she was leaving. He had cxin a call to his wife on the way.

The following items were successfully added. But they would connect it. Detective Caln Sheridan was the lead investigator in the Beauty Killer Task Force who was captured and tortured to the brink of death by Gretchen Lowell, a psychopathic serial killer, before she was captured and sent to life in prison, barely escaping the death sentence. These chapters are intriguing as well, though they are not for the squeamish. The manipulation continues, Archie aware of it but unable to help himself.


Cain publishes in several genres and has penned a memoir, works of humor, and thrillers. View all 4 comments.

Had the story solely been about Gretchen and Archie’s 10 days of fantastic torture, this would be 5 stars But it’s definitely strange and a coincidence that she just so happened to be a beauty herself. Publisher’s Weekly Review McCormick delivers an uneven performance hfartsick her reading of Cain’s bestselling debut thriller. Archie realizes heattsick too late that Gretchen has actually been setting her own trap, and Susan is the intended victim.

I had an unbelievably good time reading it! Trust me though its worth it: Want to Read saving…. As a freshman at Cleveland High, where one of the recent victims attended school, she may or may not have had an inappropriate sexual relationship with her drama teacher. Includes a bonus conversation with Chuck Palahniuk and Chelsea Cain, plus a video tour of Portland with the author on disc 9. It’s redeemed in the end, luckily.

Anouther change is the sexual relationship between killer and detective, which is ripped off of the NEXT Harris book, Silence of the Lambs.

So fair to say i didn’t like these characters either, and they had no excuses at the end of the day. The school girl plot line almost ran as a sub plot which I didn’t really find that ‘I’m dying to see who done it element,’ disappointingly.