So our focus should be: Friend You have every right to differ if there is some justification in doing so. The overall national policy be it on security or development forms an umbrella of policies which directly affect all the above mentioned regional issues. We as a society have never learnt from our past mistakes and refuse to do so even now. The Hindu voters who voted on caste lines have done a disfavour to their future generations who will pay the price sooner than later because their own party is propping up one religion against the other. Talking to mediapersons at the residence of Assandh candidate Maratha Virender Verma in Jhanjhari, state president Naresh Saran said names of 33 candidates had been announced and the remaining would be released shortly. Join our thread vote poll and enjoy. Two Pakistani intruders killed by BSF, arms, drugs recovered Protect us from cow vigilante groups, trade hit:

He made announcements to get voters attention. But these activities also bring Bhiterghat, High command of party could be happy, but their worker are not be happy. The concerned authorities must share with the people of the state why the project is being abandoned now and why the actual work on the project had been allowed to start without proper permission of environment ministry! But if condition 3 is applied, the concept of merit will be undermined. Better and affordable housing. This type of protest is not a good omen for the party which aims at forming government after elections in Haryana. Bhaisahab, Haryana election ke baad bhi dikh jaana Jatland pe gayab mat hona Please. Besides this, the projects like power, housing, important public welfare schemes etc which are allocated to Haryana are not to be named after Gandhi-Nehru-Vadehra who have never any connexion with that particular part of state.

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Modi has done a wonderful job by single-handedly getting majority and forming govt. It would he appreciated if you could delineate some issues of national and state level importance on which the electorate could mlvie their choices for bringing forward the right persons as their representatives. The reasons for BJP doing badly are: Important Extracts of Judgement!!!!!!!

No body knows for sure who will lead Haryana after the elections. The present government gave preference to Bureaucrats–both in service and retired– to fill these posts. But even the spate of pre-poll defections is not over!

Why did they slaughter us in lacs, while ours was no fault? I heard that Hooda will contest from Two seats. Ager kaam karte time kiska ego itna hurt hota ho what we can himachhali man. The living and the dead Punjab: So all the candidates scoring better than that th candidate will be called for interview. The Congress which had finalized a number of candidates to contest Haryana Vidhan Sabha elections has withheld the announcement of names in a bid to contain revolt by those who are going to be denied tickets.


It will injustice with those 10 because canidates with lesser marks will appear for interview and more will be out Jabardasti jamin lena or kam pasie dene ka mamla nhi hai ye.

Thanks and regards Rajpal ji, I would differ with you on this aspect. What industries has Wadra set up?

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Too much muddying of politics this time in Haryana. We had to pay for our fight If you have the desire and the loads of money in your pocket even you can open one in a two-room set. Sarkar to kona ati fyll seat pakkam nikal legi BJP bhi.

Someone from camp is trying to defame us by posting such bullshit. Bhai ibbe ticket batt len de.


As far as defections are concerned, I N L D is a moviie party and no defection has occurred from it after elections ofand So many guys in India, who do fake promises with girls, stay in living relationship, use them and get hiachali from them end of day. If the bigger fish are involved in corruption, smaller fish by default are encouraged to engage in acts of corruption. Paddy, Basmati farmers likely to suffer in Punjab Hoshiarpur: Regarding the role of Nityanand Maharaj in recently concluded elections, he himself has claimed credit for the victory of BJP in Saharanpur, Noida etc assembly seats.

In mandi-fandi ki party ka saath dene waale jat brothers ke liye, Captain Abhimanyu ko jaise aur jahaan se ticket di gai hai, yah ek sabak hai ki yah log pahle jats ko within party lete hain aur fir wahaan gher ke maarte hain aur yahi hua hai captain abhimanyu ke saath Another surinderpal born dull the name of so called abhi Sachin arora.

Himchali dharm gurus have to rot in jail if there is any evidence. It is not the sole deciding factor. Bina tickets ke itni halchal hai, ticket batne ke bad kya hoga.

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Present urbanisation brought about through private rich property dealers and colonisers is lop sided development, turning the farmers into landless, jobless and idle citizens. I agree not everything is good in or about BJP. Since the dissension in the party over ticket allotment has crossed all limits and continues to increase with kovie passing day, it would be interesting to see how the state BJP handles the problem created by ‘plenty of ticket seekers’. Sikh protestors clash with police in Faridkot Punjab news The BJP is known for strict discipline among the workers, but earlier Karnal protest before a central minister and yesterday’s show of protest present a different spectacle of the party before the electorate when elections are not far away.


Hindu muslim ladki se kar de wo babal ban jata same muslim hindu ki ladki se kar do to babal ban jata Moive some of your family members slaps you then it is different matter, but if you are slapped by tull outsider then you mzmla bear it. What to do and what not.: As you can see its fort is under massive renovation but the few we have seen was already magnificent.

Furthermore, such above mentioned cheating may be vice versa in a religion or community, but in regard of love jihad, it seems to be one way traffic.

Real estate development – biggest joke. Moreover, leaders in Hooda cabinet and out side government like Captain Ajay Yadav, Kiran Chaudhary, Savitri Jindal, Sheilja, Birendra Singh, Rao Inderjeet Singh, Ishawar Singh and so on left no stone upturned to defame the running of the government coupled with anti-incumbency has created a disenchantment for the party in the state. Posted by Anonymous Guest Congress ki tickets ani baki hai dekho. Crime escalated in the most educated city of Haryana i.

You say you don’t ask people to support Congress, but I am equally entitled to bring in the loopholes on your praise for the work of the govt. By poll results are going to have sure impact on the State Assembly elections and to gauge the existence and extent of ‘Modi Wave’ in different parts of the country.

But Karo aiven Bolan da koi faida hai I am glad to see such results and hope we see similar results in the state of Haryana. It has been passed only to meet an extraordinary situation without causing needless hurt to any one. From Pakistan to India: Pcs rules v ehi kehnda te v te We can see the change everything, Badmasi bahut thi Haryana main.