You can choose from three levels of security when sending data over a public network. All product configurations include disk drive trays. Contact your Iomega reseller for further details. RedHat Enterprise , Ubuntu 7. Examples of emerging applications include video management systems for surveillance as well as McAfee VirusScan Enterprise running natively on the storage. Application Manager You can use the embedded application manager to install third party applications as well. Home Lab Horror Stories. Server Class Hard Drives The hard drives are used to ensure higher reliability and performance.

Accelerate your business and IT transformation with cloud, big data, and technology consulting and services. With its multicore processor and 8GB of memory, it can handle the next generation of storage-based applications. It is powered by enterprise-class EMC storage technology and is ideal for production data stores, server virtualization, backup-to-disk target and video surveillance. Current StorCenter ixr -users should check the Iomega support site for the latest software updates. You still need to manage user accounts, but jobs like array maintenance and health monitoring simply disappear. Search Products by Name.

The new Iomega StorCenter pxr array is a leading example of an affordable px12-3550r for today’s SMB buyer that delivers turnkey business value without breaking the bank.

The Iomega StorCenter pxr Network Storage Array includes a standard three-year networ warranty with phone support 8 hours a day, five days a week. It uses server class hard drives to ensure higher reliability and performance and also has the option of solid state drives to boost the performance. Added drives can be brought into an existing storage pool or made into a new storage pool.

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of EMC, the world’s premier information infrastructure technology provider, Iomega has shipped more than 14 million terabytes of storage since its inception in All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Sharing Sending large files can quickly choke your company’s email system and emailing sensitive files can raise security concerns.

Supports both file and block storage pools, hosts maximum with the following parameters: Security Camera The StorCenter pxr features built-in support for up to 12 UPnP universal plug and play network cameras by Axis and Panasonic to capture and store video without the need of a dedicated PC.


Personal Cloud Backup You can synchronize data between personal cloud member systems and the pxr.

EMC disclaims any obligation to update any such forward-looking statements after the date of this release. System Status It allows you to combine resources on space utilization, device information and status.

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To learn more go to www. The StorCenter pxr 24 TB Server Class Network Storage Array from Iomega is a powerful network storage solution that offers the highest levels storcnter performance and advanced data protection for small to medium sized businesses and distributed enterprise locations.

Powerful Backup Functionality Backup It allows you to backup all the computers on your network simply by downloading and installing the available client backup software. Stofcenter Class Hard Drives The hard drives are used to ensure higher reliability and performance. Resellers worldwide can visit www. You can choose from three levels of security when sending data over a public network.

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Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z Review. Data Organization and Access Windows DFS organizes folders and files on a network, such that they appear storceter be all in one directory tree on a single Iomega StorCenter system, even if the folders reside on many devices in different locations. Expandability You can add storage capacity by simply adding drives in the unpopulated drive bays.

The new Iomega StorCenter pxr is the ideal network storage device for multiple business uses, including:.

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The StorCenter pxr, successor to the pxr, takes advantage of the latest version of the EMC LifeLine software, which is an advanced operating system that makes EMC’s enterprise class expertise and cloud capabilities available to a large variety of users. If you would like to storcener your preferred language or country of origin, please click here. Search Products by Name. And they can continue to add SATA disk drives to expand capacity to the ixr’s limit.


Iomega Personal Cloud — manage your own cloud with no extra costs. The pxr is truly advanced network storage that can be the foundation for today’s high growth SMBs and distributed enterprises.

Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Contact your Iomega reseller for further details. In addition to standard network storage features, the new StorCenter pxr has many of today’s most important business class features and advanced capabilities, including:.

You can optimize block storage performance with dedicated iSCSI storage pools. The 4-drive disk pack enables expansion to 8 or 12 drive configurations. They are ideal for video surveillance applications. Security Sending large files can quickly choke your company’s email system and emailing sensitive files can raise security concerns. Bundled with every Iomega StorCenter device, including the new StorCenter pxr, Iomega Personal Cloud enables offsite backups, collaboration with others, easy sharing of large files, archiving and other data management and protection benefits to an organization.

Additional information about EMC can be found at www.

Security The Iomega Personal Cloud allows you to choose who has access to what data by invitation only. It is a patent-pending, web-based computing architecture that connects your Iomega StorCenter Network Storage Array device to other individuals and weries via the Internet. This gives users the ability to start small in regards to storage capacity, allowing them to use their own HDDs and to grow as needed.

At many smaller companies, locally stored files are at risk from theft, fire, software problems and hardware failure.

RedHat EnterpriseUbuntu 7. Securities and Exchange Commission. It also features photo resize and watermark capabilities.