Everyone cheered for Miria who almost surrendered but remembered her mother’s kind words. She also told her about what Yuuma said to her and then realized that Alma must look forward for things to come and try new things. While she is trying to take back her dreams, Akari realizes that all dreams are important, big or small, and successfully takes back her dreams, earning her first jewel stone, much to the surprise of Leon and Miria. Or It’ll just end in one big disaster More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: This, however, is t However she got a bit mad as she left Akari and went back home.

Kenji Akabane as Leon. In the end she won the contest and gave Akari cookies that she made. As soon as Akari, Sara, Leon and Nicola saw Miria sad when they’re gonna register their Jewel Stones, they feel pity on her and decided on not competing on the tournament without her. I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Back in Jewel Land battest completely envelops Alma and she swears that she’ll steal both Akari’s and Fealina’s magic scaring Diana. Tomohiro Sunaoshi Setting Draft Cooperation: Miria and Akari end up running into each other and they are both taken back to the old school building by Diana to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers. Although this is what they came back for after hearing her moms words as well as her little self Miria gets really upset and decides to fix the dress realizing her mom does care about her and the reason she loves singing so much is because of her mother.

Jewelpet season 1 episode 27

She vows to find battest so she can become a better magician than Jewelina and jeeelpet up her mother so they can all live as a happy family again. I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Akari finally in Junior High School along with Alma and Yuma and also receiving a letter, Miria becoming a famous singer after winning the competition, Leon winning the Fencing tournament in the Olympics and became a good politician, Nicola winning the Junior Piano Competition and Sara finally became happy after meeting with her parents.

It is decided that whoever gets 2 out of 3 orbs into the statue first wins but the orb cannot be moved directly. Akari tries to figure out why the witch hates Rarerare so much and due to picture of boy with a scar on his eyebrow and her pet who also has a scar in the exact same place, them having the jewelprt name, and a manga she read jdwelpet the beginning of tjnkle episode she believes the reason the witch hate the Rarerare is because a Rarerare turned her love into her pet and tries with all her might to turn him back and Nicola later joins in.


As the day passes, Ruby knew about her problems and later apologized. Julia Chalmeta Spain dub. Episoce and Akari end up running into each other and they are both taken back to the old school building by Diana to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers.

Jordi Naro as Leon Spain dub. Episodee Read Edit View history.

They explain that the only thing that can stop bad magic is good magic and they already have good magic with them inside their Jewelstones. In the Human word, there is a summer festival going on. Yoshikazu Iwanami Cgi Director: Prase informs Akari that she was sent back twelve years and Judy managed to fix the bells and ejwelpet was Akari’s turn to fix them this year. Jewelpet nightcore tinke test 2 years ago.

Jewelpet Episode 1 Part 2 English Subbed 2 years ago. Fanny Bloc as Miria.

At first Dian took the lead but thanks to the team battles Ruby managed to catch up. Just as Alma was about to send the orb into the statue Sara tries to analyze it but it’s too strong and the magic circle tiknle up breaking and the orb lands in the statue.

This, however, is t Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series.

Jewel Pet Tinkle Episode 13 English Sub Part 1 – Видео Dailymotion

Eventually Akari arrives in a time where the school bells are broken again Judy explains that once every twelve years the spell on the bells disappear and only tinklw special student can fix them an she’s that special finkle.

While making their potions, the Headmaster comes in and mixes both of their potions which creates chaos, while switching both Miria and Sara’s bodies.

AnimalsfightingJewelsMagical Girl. Though it goes well at first they are quickly put back in a slump and just when all seems lost Akari’s pen brings them all into their yinkle world where Ruby and Labra become their magician guides. Upon arriving they accidentally knock over her moms dress and ruins her preventing her from going to the audition that makes her famous. Akari hears ejwelpet rumor about her sister and Yuuma and she sees them in the library together causing the light in her Jewelcharm to dim and when her sister tries to figure out what’s making her so jeweloet Akari asks her to leave because she feels that her perfect sister could never understand the struggles of an average person like her and her Jewelcharm’s light dies preventing her from using magic jewelpeg.

She angrily said that she gave up her dream, Garnet and Sango suddenly fainted, later they found out that when the partner of the Jewelpet lose their dreams their partner will suffer. Sara performs an experiment on some Jewelpets and the next morning a new teacher is introduced named Sulfur who is later put in his place by Sara. Game Reviews Columns incl. The series premiered later in Spain as part of the Boing programming block.


WanTake Spanish staff Spanish cast Translation: Retrieved from ” https: Later on at the Manga Club, Akari and the other club members were all discussing about the manga they created while Alma admires her work.

From Wikipedia, the free eppisode. Add to My List. After reflecting upon each other’s time together the girls are ready for their match. Akari and Ruby saved them when floula is trying to catch them. Miria explains to Akari that it’s always about her job and her mom cares more about her songs than about her and decides to tinke back in time using the time trip gate to stop her from becoming famous.

After the rain stops Kohaku goes off on his own to see what the dragons are protecting and Leon follows. The match between Alma and Tinkkle start and after transforming Sara tells Saphhie that all she can do is make it easier for Akari by prolonging the match and tiring Alma of her magic but tinkoe soon as the match starts Alma sends a blast of dark energy strait towards Sarah. Akari was amazed that Alma is very popular in school, and a lot of clubs were offering her to join.

As the day passes, Ruby knew about her problems and later apologized. But Miria’s cupcakes taste awful until Leon suggest they dip it in coconut juice. Olga Supervia Spain dub. Akari followed her and tried to reason with her and told her it was only feedback for Akari to improve. Tinlke along with Labra get dragged to where Alma is and Akari is trapped in jrwelpet attempt to consume her life as well. Soon, it was Nicola and Leon’s turn.

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Aya Hirano as Garnet. Rei Matsuzaki as Catherine.

Tomoko Miyakawa Yukiko Ibe. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.

When Alma tries to do the same thing Sara manages to capture her spell and analyzes it to try to find a weak point but before she could it breaks free so instead Sara decomposes it into bubbles much to the tinklle of Alma and the crowd.

Jewel Pet Tinkle Episode 13 English Sub Part 1

Halite tells her to observe her dad more closely and try again next class and ends up taking not only Labra home but two other Jewelpets as well.

Akari just finished her recent manga and goes to Jewel Land for jewelpdt annual festival which is held every 4 years. Solange Santos as Akari Sakura.