I have listened to the album, which has additional title of Chicago “NOW”. Last edited by jienat; at Mira is one of the few non-classical titles recorded in 5. Flint Juventino Beppe has composed the music on Remote Galaxy. Now we have been listening to this … Read More. Especially one that is recorded in … Read More.

Innovative danceable and hypnotic music with distinct roots. Iceland Symphony Orchestra has a new release on the label Sono Luminus. I never try it listen on recorded in true 5. You can hear every stroke on every percussion instrument as if it was in the room, and the vocal tracks have remarkable presence. Just for the record, so to speak, the recording itself shouldn’t be blamed on 2L, that’s my responsibility. But just as worthy of writing about. Last edited by Opips2; at

Where “Too Darn Hot” can easily be graded as gala jazz, this latest release is far more low-key and subdued. Read more in the article about four piano concertos by Mozart on two different piano. You change these by using the color buttons on your Blu-ray player remote: I listening sound lot of drum and voice chant like as native culture. I’ve listened to … Read More. Kristin Skaare has released a new album at KKV. All in all a very exciting release in Pure Audio Blu-ray from Jienat, both musically and sonically.

The original Iranian Reza Aghmir mirx collected a supergroup consisting of seven opera soloists. One of the giants in the music industry, Universal Music Group has introduced a new high-definition format on Blu-ray. I only listen use CD stereo 2.

The other signature is a liberal multi-channel mixing, where the circle is used. The result has been an issue that is very interesting sonically even though the sonic quality of rzy tracks is not quite on a par with the very best of 2L. Where I get it order by Cdbaby.


Jienat: Mira Blu-ray (France)

I’ve listened to it. I started a bit too ambitious series with a review of the albums of Chicago, where I announced that the goal is to present all the 36 official albums. Find More Posts by Gremal. Composer Ken Thomson has released an LP with two of his compositions. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Send a private message to Opips2. Regardless of your taste in music, all audiophiles can unite in admiring the sound.

It’s composed and produced by a music professor named Andreas Fliflet, who used his Nordic roots and traditional instrumentation and song mjra hybridized with Miraa American influences to come up with a fairly original conception and approach to song forms.

The crew varies from track to track, mra consists of musicians from Finnmark in additions to South – American musicians.

We have previously described pure soundproductions on Blu-ray as “Blu-ray Audio”. And I took the opportunity to turn my eyes back 45 years in time, when Chicago released their first LP. And a saw, a kind of trademark for Andreas Fliflet used on the track Tudeer. Kjente former til under halv pris!

Jienat: Mira Blu-ray

Be sure to listen to: One is viritually unlimitted dynamics – a very important ingredience of this type of music. But just as worthy of writing about. Flint Juventino Beppe has composed the music on Remote Galaxy. Susanne Lundeng – Et steg ut. This time we stopped at one of Chicago’s very few Live Album. The band Josah release their second album in four years. We have been listening to a pre-production sample. These two foundations have given Jienat a modern musical costume with a strong character.

I never hear that music but great music.

Jienat: Mira Blu-ray

I prefer 2L is best pure audio music but it’s so teriffic mirz too many album. At least this is their own characteristics, but is it real?


You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blh in this category: But the genius of the format is precisely that it does not rely on widespread, since it technically is a standard Blu-ray. Mira is one of the few non-classical titles recorded in 5.

He has both made the mix and mastering of SA-CD, as well as being advisor to Andrew Fliflet regarding microphone setup. There is no risk of getting jjienat same fate as DVD-Audio as well as having very poor distribution of the HW side also suffered from being almost useless without display in many publications.

This album was released just over a year ago. As expected, it is a Hybrid Multichannel … Read More. This is the first article in a series of 36, after I decided to write about Chicago’s official records published during the 45 years since and all articles will be published on Sunday. I’ve listened … Read More. He also plays a few common and exotic instruments, including the 26″ cross-cut saw. Send a private message to Gremal.

Copland – Blu-ray audio from Naxos. This is an interesting title, billed as the first “world music” Blu-ray and it was recorded by the folks at 2L, who exude excellence. And who is the owner of this signature? Grieg Unheard – Seven soloists sing Grieg. Audio performance in Mira has two crystal clear signatures. Innovative danceable and hypnotic music with distinct roots. Currently there are only a handful of releases, where the record company 2L is very dominant.