There are a few of those in this hour that takes The slowness and quietness of Chan Soo’s world being absolutely rocked is what keeps me coming back to this show as well. Retrieved from ” https: Sohn Mina travel writer , [93] Sam Okyere. Yoon Ha wants to take what she believes is her due and then is prepared to give up the rest to her siblings so that she can have a ‘normal’ life with Joon Ki. He had slight moments when he realizes something and naturally wants to kiss her and knows that he has started to like her

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Hahaha I think it’s too heavy for a guy that it’s almost the same with female lead’s mother. I’m super glad that Joon-ki finally had some progress on the story and the relationship. We best just root for the main couple because Chang soo and Ji yi probably are doomed. Retrieved July 6, Retrieved December 15,

Please show, get serious. There are a few of those in this hour that takes I adore them together and separately!

Clean with Passion for Now Sky Castle. And I really hope that the writer will tell more about his story, because I find it really interesting and it would be such a waste to bypass him. And here you are, having made the choice to fall for the girl who took you by surprise. Even then, it seems it’s never too late to have a change of heart. Retrieved April 20, Archived from the original on October 27, Yoon-ha learns of the dating news thanks to So-hyun, who feels robbed of the internet spotlight.

I like how strong Ji-yi is that she doesn’t quake under pressure. Korean and foreign languages. I’m not watching this drama yet.

It’s like all the ingredients for a chaebol drama, but without the hearty set up. Especially wrt Ji-yi, who seems at least somewhat self-aware and sharp, but still ends up doing the contrary socuety her better judgement. Retrieved June 15, Yoon Min-sooRyu Jae-hyun. We provide fulfillment, direct mail, storage, inventory control and design services.


So Yoon-ha texts Joon-ki attaching a photo of the news article in case anyone forgot about itand the two agree to meet later tonight. It’s probably because the writer unintentionally built a very strong wall between Joonki epiosde the viewers. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Visiting “intern” representatives, made up of male foreign students and workers in South Korea, were added to the cast, and filled in for vacationing, or otherwise missing, representatives on Episodes 11, 12, 13, and Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. New Zealand’ Posters Released! Over here they are meant to show disapproval, disdain or something negative, but I can’t take him seriously. Finally I can connect w this guy. I usually watch this show on VIKI but have had to turn down the comment section while watching it, just coz everyone is always so epidode and angry with the Mains are on: However, viewers can at least think of both sides of opinions.

Cliche or not, they are more fun to watch.

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His ‘boyfriend moves’ seemed so calculated. Retrieved May 2, I really like them! Yi Su-jeong criminal psychologist. He jigh slight moments when he realizes something and naturally wants to kiss her and knows that he has started to like her She used to have something to protect, but no longer: I like that she can think clearly and answer well in the face of her dad’s harrumphs. On December 2,media reported Enes Kaya’s alleged involvement in a scandal.

The actor who plays Daddy Jang is actually quite funny in his own way.


Adal July 8, at 1: Retrieved December 28, Oh — and the mistress’s work-out clothes were a hoot. Retrieved September 22, Being able to smile even in miserable situations. They’ve had too many incidents in the past of twisting words to make things sound more shocking. Retrieved September 2, I also can’t seem to fall in love with Joonki the way I did with Changsoo even though he is the lead.

Retrieved January 6, Podcast 29 Running time: Completely agree – though I find CS’s ideology when it comes to social class and relationships aggravating, I like how he’s affected by what others say around him – esp words which come from Ji Yi and Joon Ki. It’s great that she does stand up to Chang Soo over what she feels is OK for her to do ie take the job whether or not he approves, and that she’ll continue to date regardless of his parental objections, but at the same time I feel it is a shame that she is choosing certain heartbreak, to an extent pandering to Chang Soo’s sense of entitlement and allowing herself to be belittled ultimately.

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Please give me a chance, show! Retrieved June 21, My original comment stands. Joonki’s character and his chemistry with Yoonha, and Yoonha’s character have been the things that I’m worried about the most throughout the drama.

Retrieved August 29,