Start From the Very Beginning! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cherry Blossom Frontline Extreme! Keroro and the Platoon continue to conquer the sea. Giroro suspects that the reason behind Keroro’s lost interest in the Pekoponian invasion comes from a difference in humidity between Earth and Keron. Koyuki and Natsumi spend the day together, much to Giroro’s annoyance.

Both things are related as the new girl Koyuki is a ninja protecting Earth who also found the last frog, Zeroro. In part B, Tamama ponders a turtle going slowly down a country road he encounters during his training. In part A, Koyuki asks Natsumi for a challenge to deepen their friendship, Keroro suggests a tennis match and that who ever loses has to curl their hair into an afro. Dororo reminds Keroro of him abusing Dororo in the Keron Army health inspection, and almost makes them suffocate, when Natsumi arrives and is about to attack. However, Pekoponians are illegal in Alien street! In part B, the platoon take a look through Mois’ diary to reflect on their past endeavors.

Keroro decides to welcome in the new year with many games, most of which involve using Giroro as a test dummy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In part B, Keroro seeks to obtain all the eel in Japan, hoping to leave Natsumi without a refreshing summer snack. Christmas time is here, and Keroro plans on using this time to finally conquer the world.

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Momoka angrily attacks Tamama, but Keroro arrives and saves her before the seemingly helpless Tamama snaps and counterattacks with his laser breath.


The Silence of the Plans!

So he adds oil to the fire that he caused, and hosts a “sibling fight” between Natsumi and Fuyuki. Fuyuki wins 4 tickets to a spa from a game rigged by Momoka, hoping he would take her. Shin Hissatsu Waza de Arimasu ” Japanese: Momoka nearly drowns for real and is unknowingly resuscitated by an octopus-like creature brought by Keroro instead.

In part B, Dororo can’t turn off his trauma so he was put into a soul diver where Keroro, Tamama and Giroro went to fix the tramuas Keroro made. However, Pekoponians are illegal in Alien street! The Fifth One Appears! Otona no Kaigan Monogatari de Arimasu ” Japanese: That Delusion is Mine! Our Summer Vacation Flux Capacitor? Keroro, Tamama, ejglish the Hinata family return to the mountains to visit their grandmother.

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In B, Natsumi is feeling grumpy, so she disallows all sorts of things. Aliens all over Pekopon are being abducted and a new girl is transferred to Natsumi’s group.

It’s up to Keroro to save the show! He even tries other things to replace his belt but nothing works. The fleet abandons Keroro instead of rescuing him, leaving him to perform chores around the Hinata family household. Top Secret Operations Rally!! gunzo

Hoping to be alone with Fuyuki, Momoka plans an island ghost hunt after everyone’s dessert mysteriously disappears, not realizing that it had been eaten by the ghost that haunts Keroro’s room. Or Building a Base for Dummies. Space Detective Kogoro and his sister Lavie land in Pekopon and confuse Natsumi with random comments.


Fuyuki Hinata’s Alien Lifestyle Report. The episodes of the Sgt. I Am Sergeant Keroro.

Keroro Gunsou

Then another Mois walks into the scene. The Sticky Sticker Blitzkrieg! Comedy Shounen Drama Englisj. Nininsanyaku de Arimasu ” Japanese: Mecha Nyororo ” Transcription: Pokopen Fair Pavilion Construction Plan. The platoon runs for it, with Natsumi chasing them. They disguise themselves as aliens, and explore the city.

A Shocking New Year. Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate.

The Legend of Dororo. Tamama and Fuyuki help him think of ways he can leave the house without drawing too much attention, given that he is an alien. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Keroro unexpectedly arrives.

Keroro and Natsumi get into syb heated debate over a very small problem.

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A god from Keron comes and chases Karara and Chiroro to Pekopon. Lord of Terror, Go!

Both things are related as the new girl Koyuki is a ninja protecting Earth who also found the last frog, Zeroro. Battle In the Waters Waterworld: In part B, Natsumi takes in a bluebird and struggles to keep it safe.