By attaching various interchangeable parts, you can create any variation of robot! This set includes 20 3-inch blind boxes of 14 characters, 2 mystery figures for you to hunt and collect, and certain character-specific accessories! Sniper Wolf sits back on a crate, cradling her sniper rifle while a wolf pup looks on from its spot in the broken crate. The base allows each to be displayed alone or as a companion piece to their brothers. Nfo additional has to piped degree. Mallrats colorfully expands the View Askewniverse, even if its snootchie has lost a few of the bootchies boasted by its beloved predecessor. The Demon Cyborg Genos comes with his standard, combat, and battle damaged face plate expressions, along with an apron and broom for his everyday look. If you find a sale or trade that is suspicious please flag it for the Mods attention!

On March 13, , Kevin Smith confirmed that Mallrats 2 was being written and was slated to begin shooting in summer This digitally sculpted, hand-painted 1: At the time, I thought he was joking. He even comes with parts to display him with hearts popping out of his eyes! This collection works seamlessly with all other sets in this collectible series and come with one accessory. Tricia as Renee Humphrey.

These figures are uniquely designed, painted manga and anime-accurate, and sculpted perfectly to fit in any anime collection. Energon Pub Forums

She wields fkll pair of Fuma Kodachi, and on each side of her waist are a set of Kunai, ready to engage in a campaign against the Black Spider Clan.


The Batman action figure features multiple points of articulation and comes in blister card packaging. Hypnos transforms into a drill tank and has many points of articulation for smooth configuration and posing.

These and more are in stock and available now! Grab these highly collectible figures today!

Measuring approximately 9 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, this spiked powerhouse comes with the powerful Odinsword, as well mogie an interchangeable head. Guardians action figure line! He also includes a sticker sheet for both US and Japanese deco. Luke comes with interchangeable palms and heads, a lightsaber, a firedrice droid and a blaster helmet.

Shredder comes with his sword and sheath, while Casey comes with his golf bag and his sports equipment that he uses for fighting.

Men for 9, S08E Exclusive are some of the new model kits available, while figures like S. A calamity at Dante and Randal’s shops sends them looking for new horizons – but they ultimately settle at the fast food empire Mooby’s.

Every member of the Combiners features great articulation and body proportions. State-of-art mechanisms are applied to ensure the combined mode’s stability and articulation.

This great practical gift firevrive really is bigger on the inside! Shannen Doherty was the most famous cast member after her appearances in several films and the hit TV show Beverly Hills, Mobile, S03E06 Dallas Day: Be sure to movle out the other cool items in this list: These new Kamen Rider, Metal Build and Robot Spirits Gundam, and Sailor Moon items are beautifully crafted and make wonderful additions to anime and robot fan collections alike.


Torrent at MB S03E Each model has joint structures that enable them to create a variety of poses. Mallras 6-inch action figure body has over 30 joints of articulation, 2 interchangeable faces, and moveable eyes.

Jax Teller and Clay Morrow.

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Age of Ultron logo figure base with LED light-up function! This set includes Michelangelo and Raphael Head Knockers. Its interior mecha structure is faithful to the anime and features a moving hatched door! His combat uniform has an amazing amount of detail, from the subtle wrinkles to the complex camouflage paint pattern. Sam comes complete with his infamous and mysterious sack and his deadly oversized lollipop.

The Gewalt is the perfect addition to any transforming robot collection!

Figuarts Star Wars line! The figure stands an impressive 20″ tall and is entirely accurate to the movie design, with over 25 points of articulation and mesh body suit netting. Edit Iron Man series! Each of these pieces are individually numbered and will be assigned numerically by the time and date of the order.