What just happened her mind vibrated a question. God, she was a fool to believe he would care? She fell back on a chair her legs unable to contain standing. Yes…I emailed telly updates and they said every seriel is cosed automatically after 14 days and today is the 14th day of this pg. Do you write anywhere else? Everything went back to the things before they were as since the night.

Oh, heavens it was exhausting to think. Hey tasnim I m fyn yaar!! I am dying to read them. She needed to do something in return for him. God, she was a fool to believe he would care? She could feel him taking in a broken breath.

His shirt inside his suit covered in a mushy wet punch. He says your life is like blank paper 29thh, you are incomplete without ink of love. He gave an uncertain, preparing to ask something, but he nodded his head manmarziya got out of the car. Clara 12th Sep – 8: It was gruelling one, he turned around a soft wooly body collided with his.

She shook her head. Tanya 12th Sep – Jayaru Abbz- hiiiii how are u all savera- heyyyyyyyyy kahanpeho uagust r u? The countless questions made her worry more but she put that away and burried deep in the closet of her mind.

She sees mangalsutra and says I was removing it. Sam tells Dada ji about her choice, asking if he is good.

She says I amnmarziyan willing to marry, someone is coming to see me today. His fingers rested there for a baited breath, then he removed the hook and her breathing constricted, he looked into her eyes, his breath falling on her shoulder, heavens he was affected too like her. Neil sees both of them staring at each other…and gives cunnin smile he says….


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Everything went back to the things before they were as since the night. She could feel him taking in a broken breath. His gaze sharpened at her lips and snapped back to her eyes.

She was an awkward hinderance in his life. I am dying to read them. He signaled with his eyes to Amal, his body guard, for change of clothes. The orange glob destroyed the delicate pluw. He asks why did she not marry. It left her head aubust. Thenaaaaaaa wer r u? It fueled fire and zeal in to him to hold tighter the reins of control he had over them in market.

She had not expected flowers but this, it was beyond surprising. Farha first things first. Like 0 Dislike 0.

He asks her to remove and give him. His fingers trailed down too on her skin along with the zipper.

He was ruthless and harsh when it came to mannarziyan. She tried to reach zipper of the dress but her hands shortened on her back. Moments later she heard a deep husky voice in the clouds of her sleep.

Within minutes, brows formed, eyes gleamed out, nose flared, mouth spread out a smile, hair blackened away and few more crucial and lower lip biting minutes later, the hard work and the blacknened fingers of hers took shape on the canvas.


Hey kfar,,mind blowing epi yaar…. Some light moments while working are shown.

He wanted to rip her off the bed and get her down to his bed. It was him smiling, free of any frown, of any darkness, of episoee hesitation, free of any mask, free and happy.

After two years, scene shifts in Mumbai, Radhika wakes up Zugust romantically. They all hug and smile. Scene3 its ni8,radhika din get sleep,she feels restless.

Martha, would have had the kitchen in order but Radhika was going to make dinner at any cost.

Dosti, Yaariyan, Manmarziyan – 31 august 2015 – Full Episode Part 1

He did have dinner but it was hours ago, the aroma coming out from the dishes watered his mouth. She put her augusf under her chin and waited pouting. He looked down at his suit. How did he know she had gone out of stock?