Drums are impactful, while having natural decay, and the bass line, while easy to follow, does not overwhelm the rest of the instruments. Soundstage is between the MEE tips. Post 3 of 3. I just rock out to the music. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. More Items from iFi Audio Gemini3. Drums are a bit recessed, which is odd. Instead of the clear plastic boxes of yore, the current box is a dark and mysterious paper box with a mirrored inside.

Tone is a bit off due to the softness of the sound though. For this review, I shall be using a NaNite N2, a warm sounding player that has a pretty powerful Class A amp inside of it. The overall sound darkens. Big, beefy, burly, bounteously bassy…bass. Do you already have an account? I really think MEElectronics hit a homerun with these. It improves in absolutely everything.

All in all, MEE definitely has a winner on their hands. Have I gotten your attention? The wire is the standard MEE wire. Regardless of what port is used, detail is surprisingly plentiful, and soundstage is moderately wide, but not deep.

The rest of the album is amazing, the vocals are true, the bass is far from accentuated, treble is smooth and inviting, instrumentals are enveloping, just great. The treble is very smooth, but a bit veiled at times. Metal with two-tone color scheme; Frequency Response: I like these, a lot. These tips set the mids free.


MEElectronics CC51 Review –

Instruments are warmed up way too much to be called accurate, and tone of voices is totally off. The CW31 is the middle child in the Clarity series. Yes, they work without ports. Representing these genres which are admittedly not my favorite are Vinnie Paz and Atmosphere. It gets sloppy if pushed too hard. Treble can get piercing. It takes a very sibilant album to coax even the smallest bit of sibilance from them. It captures a bit more microdetails than the CC51 and M3.

There is proper strain relief in both the plug and the housing, so you should be safe with these. The mids are the most recessed, and the treble is rolled off at the cost of some booming bass. Mids are a bit more warmed up and intimate than the CX21, and bass resonance was more apparent. Also included is the standard MEE case. No, create an account now. So what does Clarity mean for MEElectronics? Smearing is also inevitable if you plan on using this port for anything other than simple electronic music.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. They can wonderfully play most kinds of music, save for classical too compressed sounding.


I really think MEElectronics hit a homerun with these. My first listen of the A showed a somewhat detailed warm IEM. They sound rather similar—the CC51 having a more exciting sound, while the A falls on the gentler side, but if I had to pick one for all around listening, the A has my heart.

Ishcabible’s MEElectronics’ Review Thread | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The treble is smooth, yet crisp and detailed. The treble is most emphasized with the silver ports because the bass is tightened up and set the mids and treble free.

Hmm, the MEElectronics M Soundstage kinda collapses though. It is controlled, yet punchy, and absolutely excels in genres that call for tons of bass.

MEElectronics CC51–Clear Ceramic Masterpieces

Despite my gushing about the bass, it is mostly midbass. Lykathea Aflame and Converge here. All in all, MEE definitely has a winner on their hands.

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