Retrieved from ” https: Everything starts going wrong, however, when Letta and the Space Bikers crash the dance. The following is an episode list for the Nickelodeon animated television series My Life as a Teenage Robot. Brit and Tiff employ psychological warfare by making Jenny feel self-conscious about her weight, so she urges Sheldon to make her as light as possible, which results in giving up her weapons and armor. Jenny fails an audition for the school play of Romeo and Juliet , due to her being a robot. Determined to beat Gigawatt, she soon tries to “upgrade” herself to make up for her weaknesses against Gigawatt.

Jenny likes them until she sees how they look on her. However, Jenny likes her dream worlds so much that she begins to daydream. When Jenny saves local school geek Sheldon from a gang of bullies, he quickly becomes smitten with her and does not want to leave her alone. Mogg who copies many of Dr. Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon end up stranded on a deserted island inhabited by hostile robotic clones of historical figures. Season 2 Season 2.

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It’s up to Jenny and her mother to 188 out why. She has just the weapon to repel them but she’s doubtful her daughter can keep track of it in the disaster area she calls a bedroom. Teased at school by the Crust cousins for her appearance, Misty convinces Jenny to get back at them through a prank war.

Archived mlaatf the original on March 16, With episkde place left to go, Misty heads back to Earth to be with Jenny. While on a mission in Japan, Jenny winds up losing one of her language system discs for English speech.

Best to worst nickelodeon cartoons. Season 2, Episode 18 Aired on September 2, 30 min. Jenny and Brad’s secret party is a hit, but between keeping the party-goers under control, keeping the house in one piece, and keeping a group of tiny multiplying aliens from invading Earth, Jenny has her hands full.


Jenny becomes the star football player of the high school football team. On her first day of high school, Jenny seeks to make some new friends, and she thinks she can find some in the arrogant Brit and Tiff Crust. Luckily for Jenny, Dr Wakeman has been reworking the exo-skin from a few episodes before.

Mogg who copies many of Dr. When she refuses, the ambassador commences war against her. Commander Smytus has actually succeeded in assimilating Jenny into the Cluster, and has turned her into a massive metal monster. But when Dr Wakeman installs a program so Jenny can’t shut her up, things get even more complex.

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Travis is afraid of anything mechanical. In ‘Daydream Believer,’ Jenny wants to know what it’s like to dream, so Dr Wakeman creates a device that allows her to do just that. After destroying a series of asteroids that threaten to destroy the Earth, Jenny returns to earth, bringing with her a dust that severely alters the characteristics of her close friends.

Everything starts going wrong, however, when Letta and the Space Bikers crash the dance. Jenny winds up getting homeschooled by Dr. Jenny must manage these while fighting Himcules, a villain whose strength increases when he sees others in pain and diminishes at the sound of laughter. However, it soon becomes apparent that the “puberty” is actually the doing of Queen Vexus of the Cluster, who has infected Jenny with a virus to warp her into a loyal, Cluster-controlled monster.

Wakeman installs a dream chip, Jenny’s joy causes her to abuse its function and she finds herself stuck in dream mode and sleepwalking, causing mayhem in the process. Jenny’s new “bachelor pad” is the new hot spot in town, but her new party lifestyle begins to interfere with her own personal duties.

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Jenny has a crush on a new kid named Travis, but there’s only one problem: Scorned by Tremorton after ruining the town’s th anniversary celebrations during a fight with Vexus, Jenny gets fed up with being unappreciated by humans and soon finds herself in Mmlaatr Prime, the capital of Vexus’ empire. Due to internal disputes, the Teen Team has broken up.


Tired of being stuck under Jenny’s shadow, Brad sets out to be his own hero.

When a big problem arises, however, Tuck’s call for help winds up going ignored. She then hurls the alien’s spaceship into an elliptical orbit around the sun, turning them into a comet. With Misty hanging in Tremorton and doing her part in keeping the town safe though not for freeJenny decides to leave the superheroics to her and starts to slack off.

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She finally gets a chance to live with other robots like her, but soon discovers there’s more to Cluster Prime than meets the eye. However, Jenny is disgusted by the treatment of the park’s robots, and sets out episoee free them. But when Misty’s mercenary habits clash with Jenny’s views on protecting the innocent, fisticuffs break out between the two. Jenny wants to go to the town fair, but Dr. Sheldon offers to step in and help, but the ears he builds end up being disproportionately large on Jenny’s head.

The Space Bikers want srason Brad to get hitched to Tammy. After almost getting hit by a truck, Tuck becomes hyper-paranoid about everything, until Jenny shows himself in the future, perfectly healthy. Wakeman’s mutant lab rats, led by the evil genius Vladimir, plan to destroy her by taking control of Epiisode body.