Despite their disagreements, Jane did everything to help Lyka choose the right path. Lyn is a conservative lady, who the girlfriend of John, based her life decisions on different kinds of sayings that she learned from her mother, aunt and grandmother. What will Jose do when his mother comes back after so many years? Until a day came when it was Ponso’s time to give his Kuya a lesson of life that cannot be learned from books. But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness. Elena has always been captivated by Herbert’s talent and patience in helping others appreciate the art of dancing; while the latter simply enjoys having a beautiful and attentive pupil with whom he can practice his skills as an aspiring choreographer. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast:

The episode is about the travails of Filipino war veterans in America and how they continue to fight for the country despite the distance from their homeland. Mildred is a young lady who was diagnosed with an advanced case of tuberculosis TB. Norma Francisco who’s recently widowed but struggles to make ends meet for her children. How did Paul manage to finish on top of his class amid all the financial and emotional trials that he and his family had to face? This episode mainly focuses on the life story of Jerome Concepcion, a man suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome , a mental disorder that is caused by involuntary tics. Ritche dreamt of being a seaman to prove to everyone, especially to his father, that even though he is gay, he can still succeed in life. Can they move on from Febie’s memory, stand up for their love, and handle the disapproval of the people around them, including their families?

A story of a woman struggling in her divorce and finding love again. A story that deals with familial love and personal values. What were the sacrifices did Liza have to make just to send money to her parents and siblings?

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A Valentine’s Day offering. Anna, a mother and wife whose third eye is open. Amidst his frantic search for funds that would cover his son’s hospital bills, Darwin stumbles upon a bag containing a huge amount of money in the backseat of his tricycle one day. But will Carlos achieve his big dream when the people he considers as inspiration do not mm, in the value of education? But Rico is already committed to another girl.


The story of two best friends Meynard and Raymund who have always dreamed of riding a ship and episkde the world together.

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A story of a family that was shattered by domestic violence, which later caused the 13 siblings to go on separate ways. It is a challenge to Engel because Ruby is pregnant and he forced to stop studying to face the responsibility as a young father. Problem will arises as they try to solve their own problems.

But as soon as her son Reyniel is old enough to understand what she went through in the past, he begins to search for Lina’s long-lost parents through the internet.

Both of them have dreamed of raising their own families someday. When did JK realize he wanted to become a singer? An extraordinary love triangle in a tale about falling for two men at the same time.

An unforgettable friendship between two impressionable girls. Who inspired her to become a fighter in life?

Efren “Momoy” Borromeo, a renowned healing priest has been blessed to have a gift of healing sick people and see the souls of the departed. Rene’s hatred prompts him to come up with a plan of revenge: What kind of misery would drive a mother to end her own life? Search for ” Kumot ” on Amazon. Just when they thought that they have surpassed the biggest challenge in their life, couple Sherwin and Mayda will be struck by the news that Sherwin has liver cancer.

Despite growing up without a mother, PJ never felt any loss because the love of her father and grandparents made her complete.

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Toengi and Ryan Eigenmann as a migrant couple whose commitment to each other gets tested by the difficulties of living in a foreign land. Amid her efforts to 66 her goal, a man from her past, Jason Joseph Marcoreturned in her life to profess his love for her. But an unexpected turn of events will pave the way for them to be reunited again.


But then she meets Tonio kuot later falls in love with her. Can she forgive someone who has given her so much joy but has caused so much pain at the same time? With Roque’s persistence and Raul’s unwavering support, Merlinda finally said yes to Roque. A happily-ever-after seems to be impossible, however, since Bibot still has to prove himself to Len’s family. But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness.

Joy and Nitoy try their best to make it work, but their angst over their broken dreams slowly tears them apart. mk

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Frustrated, Lenny sought the help of a witch doctor to make Yvonne fall for him through a love potion. Brothers Okoy and Luman have a promise to be at each other’s side for the rest of their lives. Mely is a martyr wife to her philandering husband and a dedicated mother to her beloved children. Love grew sdptember them, until Kumto became a full-fledged policewoman. Magdalena wanted to have a part on their business but Mabel would not hear it.

Roanna is a beautiful lady whose greatest ambition is to become a nun. Being kmk eldest daughter, Elha thought of ways to help her mother with their finances and started selling banana cue on the streets of Kamuning. Did she finally learn to love and accept herself despite the judgment of other people because of her obesity?

But instead of being proud of his son’s accomplishment, Jerry is furious when he learns about the whole thing and even forces Andoy to kkumot his job. Later on, Kevin confessed to Alan that he acquired the virus while engaging in casual hook ups with his clients. At first she denies that there’s a mutual attraction between them, but she eventually gives in to her strong feelings for him.