Porno karisi kocasiyla fuck izle. Edho market nilavaram theriyama Boxoffice Mojola thappa oru newsai pottutaanga. Sujin Jose 1 mes. Then you might get a doubt whether Dasavataram was really screened or not? Why are you bringing sectarian thoughts in this discussion you are not able to accept the same when another tamil film of some other actor has had a commercial success …. In Trichy Ramba theatre Dasa rate was fixed for Rs. This is what we call positive Mass messimerism,which kamal can never do it in his lifetime.

Krish Aorozz 24 dias. But Sivaji was sold in all areas for MG. Thats good and healthy competition…. All the info posted by you is from local thukkada sites and all that information are cooked by you. I will prove Box office mojo is a bull shit. He is like what A.

All muthalkal info posted by you shorf from local thukkada sites and all that information mutyalkal cooked by you. Rajni is no doubt a a great human being and also as a great charismatic star on screen. Check the no of theatres it got released with Sivaji. Killi rus ev yapimi porno. They only said that Sivaji was a smashing hit and concerned theatres and distributors reaped profits. Interviewed by Baum, CDO manager Wing Chau, on behalf of an investment bank, describes how synthetic CDOs create chains of increasingly large bets on faulty loans — up to 20 times as much money as the loans themselves.

Rus bir arsa ile erotica filmi. The site’s critical consensus reads, ” The Big Short approaches a serious, complicated subject with an impressive attention to detail — and manages to deliver a well-acted, scathingly funny indictment of its real-life villains in the bargain.

Arunkumar Arun 1 mes. Theatres loss not distributors loss. I am not a fan of kamal but one have to got the ball to accept this. Dasa got reduced to 4 shows in Inox…Sivaji ran with 8 shows daily upto 50 days…No one is arguing that Dasa is a flop…Its a hit certainly compared to other movies like Kuruvi, Billa… But sure will not touch the collections of Sivaji….


You must have seen here lot of people posting comments anonymously.

Take it positive people, ultimately the credit should be given to the industry and not the individual. According to me this fillm very unethical.

But the ads show them as playing. Retrieved April 23, I only argue that what they say is not true. Past Forward, David O.

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And then they started marketing stating that even a flop Rajni film fklm do better business than a hit film of a top tamil hero.

Retrieved May 22, But muttwlkal general feeling among public when Sivaji released was that it was not up to the mark and below expectations. Porno video evelina cam. Kindly forward this mail with following URL to all of your friends and circles — not to spread our blog name — but to spread the unbeatable days records created by Sivaji in all mttalkal in this age of DVD and tv serials.

Moreover i have not used any abusive words or bashed anybody unnecessarily. If you think, my answer is not correct for all or any of above statments, then please have your explanation for it.

But, as I mentioned in my previous comment, the ONLY point which I am not able to accept without tangible proof is, the business performance muttalka, Dasa outdoing that of Sivaji. Mohammed Shahid 1 mes. Lots of theatres are likely to be added. Anyway, Fancy dressing was what quite a few Rajini fans said.


And chaos theory is not about chaos, just to clarify.

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If we assume showed 4 shows in a day muttaalkal was 5 shows in most of theatres in TN for first 3 daysCollection Per show comes to Rs.

Sundar, oru paaanai sOttrukku oru sOru padham. Once it get posted i request you all to switch to that article for dhort our debate since in this URL the comments have exceeded and difficult to scroll and read or post. So stop comparing them.

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He purchases as much as possible, profiting at the banks’ expense and waits until the last minute to sell. Email required Address never made public. Ithu tamil nattin thalai ezhuthu. In earlyas these loans begin to default, CDO prices somehow rise and ratings agencies refuse to downgrade the bond ratings. Simon Intihar is a filmmaker full of passion and promise.

Torino Short Film Market is back with its second edition. Neenga thala keezha ninnalum atha mattha mudiyathu. The intention of blog was not to degrade Kamal or Dasavatharam. Vinod Vino 25 dias. Muttalkall van 24 dias. Saniya pudichavange enga erundha dha varanglo dislike panrudhuku Poyindhe…poye pochu…its gone…from theatres!! Kizlar tselki porno bedava. This news shouldnt be only within our blog, i would be very happy if muthalkal news is also reiterated across web to all kind of people.