Even now I wished I got the back the time I wasted on these games to do something more productive but at the same time it felt like the right choice to waste time with them lol. Why is it in there tho. Do you want to try taking a bath in Hell sometime? What is it with your eyes? This has happened before when I was 15, I refused to write stories because I feared of what others may think. Why are you trying to chase me out? Dolma is stuffed grape leaves. Along the way I decided to make a blog dedicated to otome games and other stuff.

From now on, you are my girlfriend. Please grow well inside Mama, and be born in good health. That kiss was a sign of my promise. What are you reading now? I only screamed a little because something came out from somewhere unexpected. Even though I look like this, I can keep secrets, you know.

Though I really wished they had casted a heroine too, because yeah… I felt it would have been better with a active heroine. Moreover, you blamed other people.

As I mentioned above, I preordered this game thanks to a CPU tournament that helped out my choices to buy my next game. Its been a bit hard to work with wordpress in the remainder of this year because they changed their format and everything is so weird now, its like they took out some functions as well.


LOLNatsumi invites him to her house or to be specific her room. It might leave a scar. I just wanted to look cool in front of you, but… I guess I was trying too hard and evoked the reversed effect. Irritated Taiki asks Natsumi who the guy, she was talking with before, was. Above all, you might think that I take advantage and might use you who always work hard, I thought I might be rude to you.

For such a serious student, I need to seriously punish you! I remembered something important! Reo’s Otome and Gaming Blog.

Why did I think that? I wonder how many years have passed since I last taught in front of you like this.

I promise to make you the happiest person in the world… No, the happiest person in Hell! But are you sure you want to ride dramw hot air balloon?

Honeymoon Vol. 9 – Okumura Chiharu | ご機嫌よう, 旦那様!!!

Hmm… It smells pretty good! Heh… ah, she asked me to watch fireworks together. Nii san says that you both are having it easy, play games, eat and have relax time. I needed to learn to stop putting myself down and selling myself short and it would be better if I just released myself from that environment and worked on this by myself.

Hmm… So they made you do it?

I want to say something to you in the place where no one can hear us. Fun fact, this game was my first otome app. She should be passing by here now… Did I get here a little too soon?


Nade Nade Another Yandere Akuma Tokuten review

Go back to your mom already. This feels really great! However, if they decide to make these two ossans very lovable doting you so much i think it will be cute cd for second volume!

I know about you too. I wonder if she needs help or something.

Nade Nade Another CD Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi (TRANSLATION)

Bring your head a little closer. Ah… If only you could be obedient. You know, I have a dream. Oh yeah, I forgot, you also get to design clothes and be your own model on the catwalk. So I walked out the door, took the first train to the city and bought it for full price 59 dollary doos.

Nade Nade Another CD Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi (TRANSLATION)

Even just thinking about it right now makes me a bit sad. I want to stay besides you. You all prepared fireworks display in cultural festival?