A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools. The Quietly Approaching Threat. Following the Master’s Shadow. Kakashi Hatake, The Hokage. Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade! Secret of the Transportation Technique. The Deceivers and the Deceived!

Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2. The Tailed Beast Vs. User of the Scorch Style: The Iron Fist of Love! The First and Last Opponent. Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1. Naruto Shippuden Web Interview, Part 4.

The Place Where I Belong. Hit It or Quit It: A Life on the Line!

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The Angelic Herald of Death. Year Those Who Dance in the Shadows. The Boy with a Star’s Name. Naruto Classic Extended Trailer. The Child of Prophecy.

The Power of Youth Explodes! The Night Before the Second Exam.

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Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys. Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2.


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I’m Counting on You! Distance Among the Uchiha. Father and Son, the Broken Crest. The Shadow of the Fuma Clan. On the Brink of Death.

jarutonine The Pain of Living. Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder. Hopes Entrusted to the Future. The Cursed Ghost Ship. A Splendid Ninja is Born.

Naruto shippuden episode 356 english sub narutonine

Guidepost of the Camellia. The Picture Book’s Story. The Bridge to Peace. Guardian of the Iron Wall.

Showdown at the O. The Sage of the Six Paths.

The Five Kage’s Decision. Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu. The State of Affairs.