Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes. Lee, wanting to assist Gaara in his fight, attacks Kimimaro, but his body’s too weak and Gaara tells him he’s only getting in the way. Though seeing the boy’s intent foolish, Jiraiya decides to help Naruto and agrees to train him when he is ready. The Rivals Get Serious! After doing this, he remembers heading to school and deciding that he will not lose to Itachi. As Kidomaru lies helpless, Neji approaches him and deals a finishing blow.

Needing more strength to fight, Naruto calls upon even more of the Nine-Tails’s chakra as it covers his body. His disease gets the best of him at the last second, and he dies before he can finish Gaara and Lee. Retrieved June 5, He does so, but is confronted by Aoi, an Amegakure ninja. A Final Act of Desperation” Transcription: Sasuke continues his battle with the Sound Four, but eventually becomes too injured, including being weakened by using the Curse Mark. Team 7 follows Idate to another port, which makes for a better starting point of the boating part of the race, due to the winds and the current.

Yu yu hakusho Hiei vs zeru

When Sasame drugs Naruto, Sakura and Jiraiya, epsiode prepares to let them be given to Orochimaru in order for her to be led to Arashi. The Sixth Hokage Danzo. Two People and a Dog?! The Adored Elder Sister.

The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble.

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The New Three-Way Deadlock. It comes to the point where there is a trap-door in which Naruto saves Sakura from, falling into it himself. To Each Their Own Leaf. Naruto Uzumakicarrying Idate, ascends the long flight of stairs to the Modoroki Shrine. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. In his memories, Sasuke learns the Fire Epislde jutsu, thus gaining his father’s attention, as Fugaku Uchiha tells him not to follow his brother’s foot steps.


Because the ninja is injured, Naruto and Sakura fight some Sound ninja to save her. As Kidomaru lies helpless, Neji approaches him and deals a finishing blow.

rpisode As Sasuke’s remembrance of his childhood draws to a close, Sasuke returned home from the Academy one day to find all the members of the Uchiha clan murdered.

When the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four, they are quickly caught in Kidomaru’s webs. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. The Byakugan’s Blind Spot!

Yu yu hakusho Hiei vs zeru

At the start of the race, he runs off in the wrong direction, confusing everyone. Neji is able to repel them all, though Kidomaru notices a delayed reaction in some of Neji’s blocks.


The Leaf’s Handsome Devil! Sakura attempts to battle Kabuto, telling him that she believes Naruto and herself will save Sasuke together. Kimimaro remembers how he grew up in a cage because of his kekkei genkai, and the battle that killed all of his clan.

Along the way, they find the female ninja that attacked them before. When Jigumo and Kamikiri discover that they were being used by Orochimaru, they attack him, but are apparently killed.


Neji is able to block the attacks enough to keep them from hitting vital areas, though is still left heavily damaged with each of Kidomaru’s attacks. To help Sasuke gain the strongest ability of the Uchiha, Itachi tells Sasuke the requirements to obtain his own Mangekyo Sharingan: It was Orochimaro who took him in and gave him a purpose.

She soon loses focus when Kabuto begins harassing her with thoughts of Sasuke’s inevitable death.

User of the Scorch Style: The Appearance of Strange Visitors. Ghosts from the Past. Elsewhere, the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four and tries to get Sasuke back. The Promise with the Third Hokage. Youth Is All About Passion! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Naruto and the Old Soldier. The Secret of the Battle! Although the Sound Four’s attack seems to force the retrieval team on the defensive, Shikamaru intended to be caught and uses the opportunity to capture the Sound Four with his shadow.

The Den of the Snake!

The Man Named Kisame. Kakashi Sensei’s True Face! Aratanaru teki ” Japanese: Eyes That See in the Dark. Believing himself to have found Neji’s weakness, Kidomaru prepares to finish the battle.