Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Short Summary Episode Notify me of new posts via email. Weaken she escapes to the roof with Nurarihyon following behind. My string makes good dental floss Episode 11 There is just something odd about this series with how the execution of the ideas is always mediocre and never as good as what it probably could be. But we will have to see what the next episode brings.

At least then, you know that there is some value in your sadness. Leave a comment Comments 0. Overall, it was still a good episode to watch and I love the not-too-serious-and-fun art style of this show. Episode 5 What another exciting episode! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Because I had spoiled myself before this episode was out by reading the manga, I felt like I wanted more action out of the fight scenes. That was another weird scene. You can read my review below for my explanation Ryuji appears to help Yura and tells Yura to protect the next seal and leave things here up to him.

The Yokai hunting team arrives at Kyoto with Rikuo and are excited by how different things are there. Byung Hun Yoo on Ghost in the Shell: The art and style of the first episode has not changed much if any at all from the first season of this show. Yura then releases her Shikigamis and crushes many of the Yokais. So Rikuo protects Yura and Ryuuji sends out Gyogen, a water shikigami. If you finished watching Season 1, then why not continue?

Nurarihyon goes to the Osaka Castle chasing after Princess Yo and Hagoromo Gitsune while Koremitsu goes back to the Keikain main house to report to his brother, Hidemoto. I only hope that things get better from here on and will excite me the way the first few episodes of this season did.


This site uses nurraihyon. This site uses cookies. Anonymous on Hotarubi no Mori e —…. I actually thought that Ryuuji was pretty cool this episode and I hope that Rikuo and Ryuuji will fighting along side each other soon. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Please Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are eisode using your Facebook account. This water then forms flowers which will burn anything it touches and Ryuuji warns Rikuo no one has lasted more than 3 minute and 3 minutes was his time limit when it comes to using such a powerful shikigami.

Episode Summary contains episode spoilers.

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Anyway, this ends the Tono animefushogi arc but eventhough Rikuo has left the village it animefuhsigi like his training will continue. A confrontation between Akifusa and Yura occurs. This episode continues the Past Arc from last episode and the episode ends with the conflict and the Osaka situation being resolved.

All our favorite characters from the past season are also present since this is a direct continuation of where Season 1 left off.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. A big surprise happens when the barrier breaks with the help of Akifusa the onmyouji who looked demonic in the last episode. And this episode starts off with just that, now Yura finally knows who Rikuo is. Actionepisode 3Nura: You are commenting using your WordPress. It was nice to see Ryuuji being less of an ass this episode.

The whole episode is a buildup to the eventual meeting between these three main parties with the catalyst of it all being Princess Yo; a human with magical healing powers whom the Keikain Clan have been paid to protect. Byung Hun Yoo animefusihgi Ghost in the Shell: There were points in this episode that made me want to press the forward button because it was obvious what was going to happen next.


Of course this series is not really too focused on that as compared to many others and I am thankful for that. Notify me of new posts via email. Summary Episode 3 contains spoilers. Despite its many flaws, Nurarihyon is surprising still one of the more exciting anime that I am looking forward to watching each week. I have no clue what the director was thinking but I hope he does nurraihyon do that again. Overall, this was a good episode, I prefer the first half of the ep to the second but then again, I prefer the last ep to this.

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I really am not sure how to explain the fight scene, you gotta see it to understand it I guess but I shall try my best here. For now, this is the first time this season where I am not jumping up and down for the next episode after having seen this episode. Because I had spoiled myself before this episode was out by reading the manga, I felt like I wanted more action out of the fight scenes.