I really appreciate it! I was clearing up some stuff at home and came across the SY dvd which I bought sometime in June but which I , for some reason, never bothered to watch. The love that you hyungs and Tae Pil got from our parents, for me it is a grateful debt that I would pay.. Somehow, I am just not ready to let them go yet so I am watching the last few episodes of SY slowly. You can’t help but love all of the characters. She’s fierce but so adorable.

On the day you first went to my home to say hello — what did you say about the wine and suit I bought? Do you know how jealous I was? How lonely it is? Joo Won, I heart thee!! They are so funny. They start out with misconceptions about each other and develop a quirky friendship, even pretending to be lovers to get an ex off his back. He and Tae Pil are my favorite characters. D comes out and asks what is going on.

TH and D are jogging. TH says to J: I am sorry just endure a little bit longer.

And I did read the earlier recaps of SY on this site when it was posted up but I guess I was not in the right mindset to actually want to watch SY and even read about Jung Kyung Ho’s military service and thought ‘yeahhe’s not bad looking’! Love your recaps on Dream High This drama was amazing. Here are some of my favorite Squee Moments with this couple.

Besides, there are other bloggers who have recapped this drama. It was that addictive!!! When we start the drama, Tae Sik is continually going on blind dates, looking for The One, and is exceedingly picky despite his own less-than-glorious position.


Ojakgyo Brothers 29 English Sub [1/4]

They did redeem themselves in the end, but that memory still taints the drama a bit for me, because I just can’t overlook such extremely bad behavior. It just about wrings your heart dry. This writer writes pretty metaphorically.

I can’t wait for you to talk about that in your final recap! Anyway I am loving this drama, although I would have been fine if they ended at 50 episodes vs Do you know how jealous I was?

In the hands of any other actor, Tae Beom could have easily come rbothers as completely distasteful because of his inconsiderate behavior.

I love this drama to bits! Guys you can go to Cadence – soulsrebel blog to read about their drama. Now I can go to bed. She asks if N is doing well. Because of fate the life of a loner is written all over my body.

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Otherwise unemployed, Tae Pil spends his time scoping out potential targets based on the pedigree of their clothing and style choices. You can just tell by the way she speaks to him now compared to the last episodes. Well on to the next drama, I hope others will leave recommendations for other family dramas like this. Go for it, don’t let the 58 episode-drama frightens you.

After ojakgjo your review of the 1st half, I try watching it. I’ve never loved the older ones than the younger characters in any drama.

Ojakgyo Brothers 29 English Sub [1/4] – video dailymotion

If you add this to your current 2 dramas, you can do what I did, and just watch whatever you’re up for, for your drama nightcap before bed. Snow Flower December 30, at 2: I love reading your take on dramas, especially the ones I enjoy, and I am enjoying Ojakkyo Brothers a lot.


But then little changes start to creep in, and Tae-bum starts to show signs that he might like Soo-young despite swearing up and down that he never would. I haven’t watched any episodes since 36 either. The youngest, Hwang Tae-pil, lately works to Su-yeong’s aunt in her clothing store. He wastes no time once he hears her answer, and swoops in for a kiss.

November 12, at 6: Thanks so much for the shout-out on Soompi! Im in love with this show Even the grandmother said something about it, and no one told her that was wrong.

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 34 English Sub [1/2]

Email required Address never made public. I try to stay away from long dramas but I decided to give this one a chance. He extends his hand and says: But this is a good start since she wont be like acting like he doesnt exist and ojakgho looking at him anymore. As Tae Pil and Yeo Eul fight together to save the business, lots of opportunities for encounters of ojakgyoo up-close-and-personal kind present themselves.

After the second time she just waltzes into my house, the locks would have been changed. A few weeks ago, I stopped watching OB last episode i saw was Ep.