Episodes 16 and 17 became episode 15, and so on. Kraehe strikes a deal with Drosselmyer – if he gives her a stage to perform on, she will give him the best ending for his story. Fakir tries to figure out why Mytho is regaining his feelings. Marionette Full Episode S 1: Fakir and Duck find Mytho. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Tutu still does not want Mytho to know her true identity. Fakir is tested to see if he truly has the power.

Akt 02 – Kapitel des Eies: Duck tries to get Rue to help her find the rest of the shards, but Rue refuses. In the fight, Duck is injured but succeeds in returning the emotion of pride to Mytho. Fakir is unable to control Mytho and tries to shatter his heart again. All Rights Reserved Questions? Cat if being willing to die for someone is the ultimate form of love.

Crown of Stone Full Episode S 1: Mytho has been kidnapped by Kraehe, and the heart shard of love has been removed.

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Things aren’t going well for Mytho. We know our ballet hero is going to find out.

Duck and Fakir join together to search for the prince. Duck meets the lonely-eyed Mytho and is immediately intrigued by him. Fakir epieode him down and he is a direct descendent of Drosselmeyer. Akt 02 – Kapitel des Eies: But the necklace he’s giving her might not have been a very good idea.


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Mytho commands the Knight to kill Fakir. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: New Princess Tutu Community Page. Duck collects another piece of Mytho’s heart. Tutu still does not want Mytho to know her true identity. Akt 03 – Kapitel des Eies: Tutu discovers a piece of Mytho’s pirncess feeling of loneliness–is with a cook named Ebine who keeps people locked in her restaurant.

Later, it is revealed that if Tutu confesses her feelings for Mytho, she will turn into a speck of light. Fakir is tested to see if he truly has the power. Mytho resolves to shatter his heart once more. Episodes 16 and 17 became episode 15, and so on.

This is how they origonally aired. When he veou to save a hatchling, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and softens his fall by placing a field of flowers beneath him. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: However, this piece eipsode him to be afraid of Tutu.

SO, the point I’m episose to here is that you’ve probably watched the 26 episode version of the series, which INCLUDES episodes in their entirety, just combined into fewer episodes.

Kraehe tells Tutu that she’ll give Mytho’s shard back if she confesses her feelings. Ebine a lonely cook keeps people in their restaurant since her husband princews. Duck, a young girl living in a small town, is an awkward girl enrolled in a ballet academy who has a crush on one of the most talented boys in the school – The emotionless Mytho. Fakir and Duck find Mytho. It is speculated that Fakir pushed him.


Mytho is locked in a closet for disobeying Fakir. Mytho continues to struggle with what real love is about, even as he tries to get girls to love him enough to give up their lives.

How many episodes are there in season 2 of Princess Tutu?

Princess Tutu

No content was actually cut; the half-length episodes were just put together to form episove episodes, resulting in the lower episode count. The run into some ravens episodw knock them off of a bridge and into a chasm, where they have to swim to the lake where Mytho and Kraehe are. Fakir has a revelation that the one he must fight is Drosselmeyer. Mytho asks Tutu to restore the final piece of his heart so that he can go save her.

Tutu is prepared to sacrifice herself for Mytho’s life.