I’d gladly have my nametag torn by KJK if it means I get such treatment! Edge of Innocence Movie Edge of Innocence Secret Forest Secret Forest Episode 3. Or will it be Ha-minjoon’s second victory in a row? I don’t know if it’s the editing or Jong-kook, but whenever he is the bad guy in the episode they do a good job of making him seem menacing. So I doubt it–they have a lot of interactions and small little jokes. That’s definitely not the point of the show.

What a goober – he has variety written all over him. Inspiring Generation Inspiring Generation Episode The Return of Superman. And after the whistle blows, both teams congratulate each other on a job well done. Also song joong ki in the background, i really miss him in rm or in drama. Beyond the Clouds Beyond the Clouds Episode 1.

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Lost Days Lost Days Episode 5. Gilded Chopsticks Gilded Chopsticks Episode 5. Anyway, I loved the whole “epilogue” between the scenes.

Isharyou Bengoshi Isharyou Bengoshi Episode 4. Ha, should I also be amused that the ring is too small for his pinky? Episodes by odilettante.

Runnung a very longtime Running Man fan, I am runnint to try to give my best to explain what Running Man is. Ji Hyo is leading a drama, though. My Love From Another Star. Sure enough, each team will need to construct a rock tower on the tables while barefoot. And Jo PD must be saying all this with a straight face because the cast remarks on how serious he sounds about it, and yipes—even the mission board says: I loved how fast Gwang-soo and Jae suk could do that caterpillar race – they were flying!

The best part for me was where they had to act out the kiss scene from episode 4. Seriously crazy how KJK ripped the wood apart with his hands-the kids stood gaping in disbelief!! Time stands still for a minute as our cast members traverse the streets before the world moves once more…. The comments on Dramabeans don’t get into the logical puzzles much, but some of epispde are fascinating models of group rujning behavior that would stand up to a graduate political science seminar.


Lost Days Lost Days Episode 6. The guests were good and I enjoyed the unique name tag rip off. While Jong-kook and his teammates enjoy themselves with a bit of karaoke, the others are still outside. Lucid Dream Movie Lucid Dream Queen for Seven Days. Runninh cast members try out their own version of fantasy romance in You From Another Running Star with an episode that spans four centuries.

Haha uses his telekinetic ability to make a volley of balls hurl at Kwang-soo, a move that quickly comes back to bite him later. But still there are also some good moments. It means press conferences, memorixing lines, staying up to four in the morning, waking up at odd hours, eating terrible food once in a while, meeting obligations, doing photoshoots, meeting with executives from various companies and because she’s headlining she has more obligations on top of that. I can’t really recommand you episodes because most of them are my favorite LMAO and because you may have different tastes and all but I just hope that you will enjoy the show as much as I do: I can’t believe how choppy that ice rink was – I am surprised that more people didn’t wipe out.

Fighter of the Destiny. More than gold in fact lol. As they and we savor the moment of watching Jong-kook down something non-healthy, Jae-suk comments that Jong-kook should be shirtless for this… and Jong-kook chokes. Mimi Mimi Episode 2. Everyone else has heard the bells as well, Jong-kook hurries to find his next ring, then breaks into a gleeful smile to find out who it is: Popular Stars Read Manga.


While all the celebs were great I would love to see Baro come back on his own.

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It’s those little gestures that are drxmago sweet to me. They play the three rounds anyway, which ends Ji-hyo up winning. I thought Kang Ye-won would be more involved but she was a lot more tame than I expected so she was a disappointing guest. But it also means he’s never missed an episode of Running Man.

Please enter your username or email address. I totally hope kwang soo’s bestfriend park ha sun can join RM as guest.

Romance Is a Bonus Book: I loved that HaHa is such a fan of the show. Bring on the aussi speacil or a no guest epiosde! Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu Episode 4. Each half will last five minutes and four members will be on the ice at all times to eliminate the other team in order. I can runninv my grandmother and mother saying similar things to me as a child.

And when Jong-kook is asked whether he genuinely finds this activity fun, he admits that he really wanted to chop wood. Shitsuren Chocolatier Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode runming.