Amu, Amu’s mother, and Ikuto discuss the issue of him staying in Amu’s room and Amu not trusting her parents. Somebody else noticed the music! Are the other transformations not good enough or something? El appears out of nowhere and transforms into Amulet Angel, using Angel Wink to attract some boys to give fliers to. The confidence just with some added ojou-sama instead of tsundere. He has arranged for someone outside the school to assist them.

Amu wants to know, but in order to keep her exterior, she asks Rima to go. Lulu goes to find a lost soul and finds a girl who can’t choose which type of food she likes. The Guardians transform, but only Amu and Tadase go after Ikuto. Comment by warriorhope — October 11, They find Ikuto, and Yoru attempts to get him, but Ikuto won’t budge. Lulu is speechless again and her grandma leaves.

Egg using a special ruby necklace.

Tadase remembers what he wanted to tell Amu in the contest, syb he only holds Amu’s hand. Amu uses Open Heart to purify the X Eggs. While Amu is leaving, Lulu de Morcerf shows up to see Manami.

Later that evening, Ikuto has given birth to Yoru’s egg. Ikuto was forced to return to Easter.

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Retrieved February 28, Outside, Amu seeks Nagihiko’s advice, making him look and talk like Nadeshiko. A wpisode about an upcoming violin concert features a boy bearing very strong similarities to Ikuto. Ikuto and Amu talk about Utau. Yaya and Amu find the kitten and the Guardians propose a search party for the kitten’s owner.


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Tadase gets furious and upset at Amu, and hurries out of her house. Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival’s show. They are also worried that Easter will be there since it is a place where many people will gather.

Lol, so last week was the guardians recap and now was the easter recap. Episode 01 was a real fight. Amu and Ikuto reveal that Hikaru is Gozen, Easter’s boss. Later, Nagihiko asks Kukai his true motive for visiting and Kukai just says if Nagihiko has found an answer yet. When the day of the pitcher test arrives, Natsuko is not chosen as the pitcher.

Archived from the original on September 12, When Lulu comes to, Nana has disappeared because Lulu had selfishly used her for her own intentions. After a talk about feelings with Kazuomi, Amu and Tadase combine their powers and use Platinum Heart.

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Tsukasa talks to Ikuto later, and charq him a bird learning to fly. I want to make up for the ranting before I even get started. Temari is happy to meet Nagihiko again and she tells him to dance to his heart’s content.


Random Amuto is fine with me. When Ikuto finishes, he and Amu opened the door and find Amu’s mother waiting outside. I forgot what I was mainly going to say but this is fine for now. And that pisses me off. Retrieved June 10, We are currently processing your request. The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats.

A girl is arriving from France right? After Choco ran off, Lulu met up with her and turned her Heart’s Egg into a? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Yoru finds Amu and begs her to help him, because Ikuto is in trouble.

But that catch…seems awfully familiar to the one that Nikaidou did with Sanjou in Ep Amu returns home and gets ready to go to bed.