After waiting for months and then finally getting the full 20 episodes, I felt Question I had about episode If she even shows up in the sequel! But, to be honest the ending of IRIS sucked. The two leaders manage to get on stage and greet the reporters. Thank you for the recaps, your work is awesome! Then, because I was watching it streaming, I had to go on hiatus for a while until I could sort out a way to watch it.

However, I think they still could have ended differently, as in they could have sent him and Seung Hee somewhere very far away and never to return, and just start IRIS 2 with the same background cast but new lead. Overall, IRIS had more highs than lows read as: Hyun Joon continues to sleep, but she slaps him in the back and tells him to hurry up and feed her. But as children age, they lose their cute factor, and the same goes for IRIS. He plays the video. Sa Woo is angry with him — he was not ordered to kill hostages. Case in point – notice how all the computer screens displayed english c’ters? He turns his back for a moment to make a call, and Vic takes the opportunity to pick up his own gun.

To allow the hero to walk about openly in Korea and live after what he did, would be to trivialize IRIS, the all-powerful and much-feared organisation. Sang Hyun manages to intervene in time, and he tells Hyun Joon to put his gun down — living will be a greater punishment for Baek San than dying.

They shoot all the security guards dead, close down the mall, and gather all hostages igis one area. He also sends Sun Sinoosis to the operation site. He clearly unwinds by savoring excellent wine, but just before he can fully relax, he senses a presence behind him.


Chul Young appeals to the President then, but the President irs. It is very simple: He enters a church and sits inside a confession booth. She finally breaks down her defenses and tells him what she avoided to say for so long. Hyun Joon dying-I was surprised. She was intensely loyal, passionate, and deep.

Thanks for your great recap! I’ve said it before – the love story is the weakest plotline in the overall story. Yes, i am still very confused. Throwing away his gun, Hyun Joon demands that Vic beg for his life. They team up for the last time against the IRIS members, managing to slowly pick off all their enemies.

You see little signs of that He was ordered to kill all the hostages, and by Mr. IRIS grew older and seemed a little more lost with each episode.

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Why act like a sadistic bastard and go. But after Baek San’s statement, he did die just as his parents did.

Why, Sun Hwa of course! She jumps in front of Hyun Joon to protect him from the line eisode fire. And then I thought the writing got a little careless one of them being, how could they have let the terrorists just escape and kill all the hostages? But what separates a good actor from a great actor is LBH.

CSH said she would rather die with the fugitive HJ than return home alone the Hungary scene yet she left him the moment SW called her despite HJ telling her to stay put. She is called in by the security team, and reports to Chul Young that they are missing four cylinders of Soman gas a nerve toxin gas from their North Korean bunker.


On the other side sits Mr.

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The sadness of the music gave me a foreboding of his ending. I liked the questions that were raised in this drama, such as the running theme of loyalty. And after all that crap, IRIS still figured out that Baek San never fully carried out his assassination order and he was never reprimanded for it. Hopefully he does come back, because I have to admit he jris an awesome lead actor. Many episodes had gone by at that point, so I tended to watch 12-0 at a time.

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No need to killcitizens and you’ll have a clearer conscious aka Chul Young wouldn’t have betrayed what’s his face. Hyun Joon is just amazed that someone could be so patriotic because he never felt that way rpisode he just wanted excitement in his life.

He berates the SWAT team leader for acting rashly then gets permission to take over this operation.