Carmichael ruined it for everyone. Fox as a brand always had an eye for picking out talent, but even they had no idea what they had in Travis Pastrana , James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael back in This is a freestyle motocross DVD with monster truck and off road action as well. That would be as bad as letting red neck nobodies like Tex take up screen time. If you haven’t seen it, and don’t know what Erzberg is, oh wow, are you in for a surprise! Godfrey Entertainment has remained true to its proven formula of interspersing mind-blowing action by top athletes with highly entertaining and questionable antics by the legendary Nitro Circus clowns.

While we won’t see any of them on the track come round one of the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Nationals at Hangtown — Stewart’s appeal for a return after being banned for 16 months for use of a prescribed medication was officially rejected this week by the FIM and World Anti-Doping Agency — these riders today still hold more clout between them than almost the entire sport, combined. As a racer, that only makes him hungry. Crusty 9 motocross DVD. The Crusty crew has been filming with the world’s best riders all over the globe to bring some insanity to households everywhere; travel throughout Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and the secret compounds of California! Could be the constant training nowadays. There’s a section called “Kids on the Couch,” starring: Tracktor Tracktor https: This year the Godfrey Crew took the riders all over the map in search of new and interesting places to ride.

The breath-taking stunts, hilarious exploits, iconic personalities and young guns are doing things you never even imagined seeing before! Visit the 2 time supercross and outdoor champion Ivan Tedesco’s in his outdoor training grounds.

Also take a look back at our favorite places to ride. Crusty 16 motocross DVD.

Crusty 7 motocross DVD is in the house and ready to please once again. A must have for your collection!


The opening sequence is unique, shot at night having them jump up onto a log. Crusty 9 motocross DVD. II is fourth on this list. Head to the most remote freeride zones in California and Arizona with the Godfather Mike Metzger and witness an awe-inspiring display of natural terrain riding. Experience the journey, as metal and man mesh in an action adventure that brings freestyle motocross to The Next Level. Erratic, random chaos is the flavor. This is a great motocross DVD and also a great dirt bike video!

But without further ado, the top ten dirt bike movies! Powerband Films always delivers with their epic freestyle motocross DVDs. I wish I could say this movie brings back memories, but the only memories it inspires are based on the music.

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Normally off road movies are focus on the riders in the heat of competition, but this shows the more casual side of these fierce competitors. The action packed extreme sports movies of the 90s are gone.

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By Eric Wright April 30, However, just like Travis Pastrana is much more than just a freestyle motocross star, the Nitro Circus series goes way beyond simply being a freestyle motocross video. Check out Twitch flip the world record foot backflip at Fitzpatricks freeride oasis.

JB JB https: Crusty 12 motocross DVD. Sometimes this comes across as heroic and other times as sheer insanity. Watch the best helicopter footage ever seen in any moto film from Jackpot Ranch, Danimals Domain and Sand Hollow Dunes as riders connect multiple ft jumps in a row. The rider interviews are done very well; each rider is given his own segment with his own theme that plays into the personality he portrays.

Too many to mention! Produced and Directed by: YouTube and good and cheap digital video happened. This 16 mm motorcycle video has it all from racing to the best natural terrain ever caught on film. I have most of the VHS’s but a lot went missing or stopped working.


Throwback Video: ‘Terrafirma’ Kids on the Couch

This motocross DVD includes all the sick motocross stunts that made you love the Crusty series, and some. In the ever evolving sport of motocross there is only one company which not only strives to bring you the best cinematic motocross DVDs but also helps to push the sport to the next level. These guys make decent money off YouTube views.

It’s such a simple concept, but doing it at night really changes the game for both riders and the camera men. Crusty 15 motocross DVD. The What If, Ditr Is videos are tedrafirma sweet.

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If you’re considering buying this movie, do it. The game has changed. It all went downhill when Pat Solomon stopped directing MX movies SteveUrchin SteveUrchin https: So let’s count it off: Send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. Crusty motocross videos are insane! Either way, I think the 90s were amazing. Crusty 6 motocross DVD. Get an exclusive look into the Metal Mulisha compound at Deegans house as Twitch, Potter and crew flip the biggest dirt jump in history.

Witness Man and Motorcycle going higher and farther than ever thought possible!!!

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Crusty 10 motocross DVD. I loved those movies. Unable to load user with Moviee Witness Colin Morrison jump over a foot moving train 5th gear. Butter Motocross DVD – G3 productions, formerly known as Akraix is coming full throttle ahead and releasing a brand new movie title “Butter: