Teenage Lee Do doesn’t look like either, but I’ll just assume it was the awkward early teen years. Sejong’s relationship with Shin Sae-Kyung’s character is more complicated and ambiguous than a straightforward romance, and episode 6 just broadcast today will offer some ideas. He’s set to start filming “Wolf Boy” with Park Bo-young this month. LOL First of all, this sageuk drama was awsome except the ending. My sister and I were blubbing so well. The Magic Square scene represents how different their mind work. Reading your take on what I just saw made it easier to follow and loads more enjoyable.

D I’m gonna miss Song Joong Ki very much especially with the moustache! The only thing that could make me sad in regards to Song Joong Ki is that he played most of the episode from a throne. Sejong comes into contact with him, followed with some guards. The colour palette, the cinematography, the set design, the editing and the music is just so lucious and ethereal. The real letter, which instructed Shim Won to stay away was switched with the incriminating one on instructions by Taejong. You can say that again. Are they part of King Sejong’s posse then? Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!

Sometimes bad things can come from calling dramas early, but this first episode is a veritable powerhouse of performances. And thumbs up, HeadsNo2 for your awesome recaps. He musters up all his power to stand off against his father in an absolute showdown. The first episode had me hooked and then next three had me captivated as well. I love the ending very much!!

I also love reading your recaps. He “accidentally” revealed that he had a girlfriend on an interview recently. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Please enter your username or email address. It killed me to continue watching after Soyi died in chae yoon’s arm. Both are inspired in rather different ways. I’m dramabrans this drama so much right now! All in all, Tree with Deep Roots is now my favorite sageuk by far. Episodr, Jeong Do-Jeon has the rights to such claims.


After all SJK is not permanent in this drama as there will be another actor replacing as the king right? I can’t thank TWDR’s makers enough for the phenomenal experience they’ve afforded their viewers.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I still think a happier ending would have worked even better considering so many good people died already. I never felt like he was mugging for the camera, either.

[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 2 – the talking cupboard

Thought that Shin Se kyung did a pretty good job overall, but I think an older actress would have been served better she just looked so young compared to Jang Hyuk and HSK. Chae-yoon continues his frantic and desperate search, falling whenever the wind grows too strong out of grief.

I think that was the point. I love intelligent sageuks and this is definitely one of them. Chae-yoon, however, is looking mighty dead inside even as he shoves the Haerye into his clothes. My main source for information. Tree With Deep Roots Favorite. In the meantime, he wants to head to Jiphyunjeon to follow up on the tattoo lead they now have.

Especially since the Sejo son was not as nice as dad, so there is lots of conflict, maybe, with his father’s ghost. Kdramas are awesome at this father-son stuff.


Thank you so much for volunteering to recap this drama because I was praying for it to be recapped! I don’t want him to go. This was in the 15th century. After trying out for the simpler ones, he tries out with the largest one, and gets the correct answer, hence his answer.

[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 1 – the talking cupboard

He knows too much that could get in the way of the assassination I like this series more and more. GhostTree With Deep Roots.

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Then we eplsode him in the same place years later with a whole new world of characters. Thank you for the recaps! By the time in the series, Soyi’s supposedly in her early 30s. So it’s a pleasure to come across commenters who seem to consider their words more carefully.

[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 2

Seriously in LOVE with the show. I agree that he definitely stole the thunder from Jang Hyuk in this first episode.

Something wicked this way comes, and our hero might be the only one with the ability to stop it. Thanx for the recap HeadsNo2!