Xman Episode 4 3 years ago. Project Papa November 21, at 2: Anyway, thanks for the team that subbed all of this Korean Variety Shows. They had created by far the most ingenious and creative games, quizzes, sports and even reality show in their entertainment world. For friend special episode, we can see how much alike the kids with their friend. Anonymous December 25, at 8: Thank you for subbing!!!

Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, She’s a very sweet girl:. A very shy girl , not talked much and always hanging around with his father. I got addicted years ago because I was once a hardcore Korean Pop K-pop fan. I love this show and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the time you take to sub it and share it with us. When she laughed while watching it means that must be something different served in the show.

Anonymous December 24, at 7: Anonymous November 20, at 9: I would want to have the hip-hop dad, like TigerJK and Jordan.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 20 Engsub | Kshow

watchh Anonymous January 9, at 5: Apparently it was a responsibility test. Newer Post Older Post Home. The Oldest among 6 Dad. She is the eldest daughter of Jung Woong In.


[Engsub] Dad! Where Are We Going? () Full HD

Episode app English Subtitles. I want to watch more! By sugarplum Started August 28, Some people need to stop judging only by others pasts. He announced his retirement from soccer in Seoul, Jan Angela was hilarious and Sky and Cindy’s sensitivity was really touching.

I love this show and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the time you take to sub it and share it with us.

Father of 1 son. Teddy August 26, at Papa, Where are we going? Woong In and Se Yoon.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 20

Are you still continue your subbing, or it’s finally over? Kaptain A November 21, at 8: Lipstick Prince Season 2 Episode 4 2 years ago. Notify me of new comments via email. He was born on January Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 03, Thanks xopo17 kdiga the new thread.

Immortal Songs Season 2 Episode 2 years ago. Some of them who rarely talk to their kids now already become friend and closer to each other. Thank you so much. 2 Jin is a South Korean actor.


There ARE other videos, but I don’t think anyone has wtch as far as projectpapaonline. It’s not like they earning anything out of this. Now, he is the new member on Season 2. Before Season 1 was aired, he has been rejected to be member on season 1 because his wife disagree with that. Their attitude toward kids is similar to what parents nowadays look like.

Anonymous March 31, at Kim Jin Pyo even upload his kids picture on twitter. SakiVI November 21, at Women in Bollywood A journey through heroine-oriented cinema.

Anonymous November 21, at 6: You can see that the kids can connect with their fathers and already acknowledges the existence of their father. B ut now on season 2, many korea web stated that Ryujin has been met with Appa Oediga Staff.

Golden Egg Doiga 2 years ago.