Audible Download Audio Books. Just hit him with anything. While Huey is glad to lend a helping hand, Riley is adamant about kicking them to the curb, especially after meeting his cousin Nique. Huey has a dream of Stinkmeaner and Granddad says that he was a menace and he sent him to hell like he deserves. Stinkmeaner Strikes Back 29 Oct 9. More features and updates coming to this app real soon.

You eat a dick, nigga, you eat a dick! He’s possessed by the ghost of Stinkmeaner. Meanwhile, I couldn’t shake the feeling that an evil force was gathering. If you would like to report sexual abuse- Damn, there’s got to be somebody we can call for an exorcism. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Got a possessed nigga here, and Granddad’s worried about a date. Before leaving, Granddad needs to find someone to look after the boys.

The Boondocks – Season 2, Episode 4 – Rotten Tomatoes

It’s- It’s a collectable. What is going on? You killed a blind old man. My bed ain’t the only bed up in here. Repeat after me the holy phrase: Granddad, you don’t skydive, you’re not Brazilian, and you never was a member of G-Unit. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Granddad worries about Riley’s sexuality when he notices that he begins to dress and act like “in-the-closet” rapper, Gangstalicious. Unfortunately, Huey, Riley and Granddad realize what a crazy-ass freak Luna really is when she comes to visit for the weekend.

When Stinkmeaner proves that he boonocks take over Tom an easy target for a spirit like Stinkmeaner I, think Huey begins to doubt sttrikes assumptions.

As the news plunges him into deep despair, Ruckus finds it impossible to get out of bed, creating huge problems for his new TV show. All fifteen episodes from season two were released completely uncensored on a three-disc DVD set in the United States on June 10, And as Huey finally decides to call off the hunger strike, he learns that Uncle Ruckus has also been given a new show on BET.


But because of Huey and Riley’s bad reputation with babysitters, Uncle Ruckus is the only person he can find to take the job. That’s just the tip of this iceberg. Wong, there you were not carjacking Mr.

Dismissing Tom, Goodlove takes their demands to the school superintendent, who laughs him out of his office. A whip, a noose, a nightstick, a branding iron.

The Boondocks – S2E04 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back [SYS] – video dailymotion

Probably just ran out of toiler paper again. And the next thing you know, niggas is beefing, shooting, fighting, and somebody ends up dead. tsrikes

After learning that Tom was genetically tested stinkmeaned determine his ethnic makeup, Ruckus decides that the same kind of test would prove what he has believed all along – that he’s white. Though Reverend Goodlove tries putting the best possible face on the nightclub escapade, as well as a checkered past that includes a host of public scandals, Huey worries that the Reverend’s reputation will hurt the boycott.

Meanwhile, Stunkmeaner couldn’t shake the feeling that an evil force was gathering. Oh, help me, son.

You gonna beat striikes man’s brains in and what you gonna say to the cops? Colonel motherfucking Stinkmeaner, holler at your boy, I gets money. I am the stone The builder refused I am stinkmeajer visual The inspiration That made lady Sing the blues I’m the spark Abck makes your idea bright The same spark That lights the dark So that you can know Left from right I am the ballot in your box The bullet in the gun The inner glow That lets you know To call your brother sun The story that just begun The promise Of what’s to come And I’m ‘a remain a soldier Till the war is won Won Chop, chop, chop Judo flip Chop, chop, chop Judo flip Chop, chop, chop Judo flip Chop, chop, chop [?


Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It’s the fact that you lied about it. Granddad’s John Witherspoon online dating adventures lead him to a beautiful woman named Luna Aisha Tyler. Wong, let me ask you a question. Removing an evil-nigga spirit from a Negro is as hard as removing the stank from a hunk of shit.

I got three-stick nunchucks? No one is available to take your call. Robert ‘Granddad’ Freeman stknkmeaner. Start your free trial.

Shakespeare and Hathaway – Private Investigators – Feb 25th. Should we take him to the doctor? Let’s get this party started. Full Cast and Crew. Colonel Stinkmeaner was a menace.

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Season 0 Episodes But when she was rescued by Catcher, it was love at first sight and she agreed to help his brigade carry out an assault on the plantation. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. All the beds in this house and I got the possessed nigga in my bed. Just hit him with anything. You on that stuff? What you gonna tell me, ghosts don’t exist?

Agatha and the Truth of Murder – Movies Feb 25th. Unwilling to accept that Gangstalicious might stinkmeanrr gay, Riley is sure that it was all a dream. Ignoring Huey’s warnings, Granddad hopes to make boonocks school board pay dearly with a discrimination lawsuit. I was rushing, and Waatch, I think men who are comfortable with their bodies are very sexy, especially men with big round bellies.

Nah, you ain’t crazy. Help me, help me. That’s just the television.

Their feud inspires Thugnificent to create a diss-track called “Eff Granddad”.