Oh boo-fucking-hoo, Quaritch doesnt give a shit. Unacknowledged by most historians is the so-called ” Dwarf Holocaust ” perpetrated by Hitler under the T4 extermination program along with others who were classified under the Nazi state ‘s Aryan racial laws as ‘ seriously malformed. William Hakvaag, the director of a war museum claims to have discovered drawings of three out of seven dwarves, Dopey, Bashful and Doc, along with a sketch of Pinocchio hidden behind a painting that he believes to be the work of Hitler. Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. Wolves aren’t a fad! If it weren’t for wolves humans would have probably died out a long time ago due to illnesses from sickly animals”. Some argue that wolfaboo trolls particularly tartlets are only ripping this movie because it’s about wolves and wolves suck because wolfaboos love them.

Spirits of the Earth by Bobby Lake-Thom p. The small, long eared Asian wolves can fuck off and die. Modern America doesn’t wan’t you people in it anyway. It is well known that wolves have three toes, three legs and gigantic hind feet. This site does not allow right clicking. As I said earlier, wolves are slightly above average That’s how animals work, and wild animals have even LESS restraint than a domesticated one.

Maybe we should start posting laws to kill mortals if they want to kill wolves!

Besides, trophy hunting is for anyone who is disturbed and sadistic and is probably compensating for a lack of something. By wolfavoo way, I am getting a college education studying law and politics.

In fact, there are no authentic documented cases of healthy wolves attacking humans in America. You can still see the look of RAGE on its face. You’re completely right about a wolf’s strength.

Among the causes I will devote my life to after college, will be defending wolves. Prey, yes, but who cares?? This tendancy for running off was said by those who knew him during this period to seriously detract from his ability to complete his commissioned works that provided movir only source of revenue once his inheritance and ‘orphan pension’ ran out.

In the true style of all DeviantArt furries all the wolves are shown in amazing techicolor and with anime hairstyles. He saved people and this is the thanks you give him? Get down from there wolf. Hehe I’m laughing my ass off Wwwarea good times. Hitler by Joachim Fest p.


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Stallion of the Cimarron II: If one were to study Hitler’s signatures over time one would see a prepoderance of those in which the rendering of the first name has been summarized into an ‘S’ shaped ‘ Sigrune. I saw something about them on TV and read something on the internet about them once. I too would have my grammar slip if I was depicted as a dog who shits to defeat her enemies.

Why not dingoes or jackals? Don’t you people have a life? One is signed to a document said to date from November of while another is affixed to a document displayed in the Simon Weisenthal archives and credited as Hitler’s first anti-semitic written work dating from And the female wolves, weirdly enough, all have human hairdos.

Wolves aren’t a fad!

Like the animal which they masturbate to, wolfaboos come in many different forms, sizes and levels of dumbfuckery:. I will fight for wolves and wildlife and any other passion that I have until I am tne in the ground. On another note, their spelling once again raises doubts as to whether or not they actually ever read about wolves.

After Snakes on a Plane proved Internet people are the best at judging movies of great quality, the creators of Alpha and Omega decided to follow suit and give the fans what they wantedcleverly omvie Indians hostage at gunpoint in order to mimic their style and great knowledge. Wolves hunt to survive.


If you attempt to right click you will be spammed with a “You are not allowed kovie right click” message box. But that doesn’t stop ol’ 52 Hertz beluga from pestering everyone about his love for wolves. Ellis is too slow to chase down a rabbit. Much like the furfags of our day, although possessed with some measure of talent his spergish personality blinded his sense of practicality when it came to choosing a field in which he was proficient enough to make a practical living off of like other skinfags.


Also, the right to bear arms and hunting are two total different things. Main Gallery novie.

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Realm of the Ring Lords by Laurence Gardener, pp. The outsider wolf ghe, naturally, win over his haughty love, and anthropomorphized animals will learn not to blindly revere social hierarchies while still respecting their parents. All they ever crusade for nowadays is wolves. However, in contrast to his counterparts in our present age Hitler eschewed endlessly drawing dicks on cartoon animals favoring instead the mundane landscapes of Vienna as his principal source of artistic inspiration.

There should be a human holocaust, with only weres and therianthropes remaining. Furfaggotry Movies Fandom Stuff. I know for a fact that wolves are not what ranchers or you ignorant people try to make them out to be because I had a wolf hybrid as a pet when I was a teenager. The Wolf Couple is a little-known and under-appreciated movie written for by pre-teen wolfaboos who tne Jacob from the Twilight saga sexy but not quite hairy enough.

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However don’t forget that this isn’t just any wolf movie – it’s a movie with LSD-colored, stick figure, anime-hair wolves fucking. The only reason why you people want to kill wolves is because you want to artificially boost deer and elk populations for yourselves and if thats the case, then trophy hunting needs to be outlawed in this country.

It is also worth noting that this furry wolfsboo was veteran actor Dennis Hopper ‘s last movie. Even the Sonic fags can’t keep their corrupting mits offa them. Ryback’s book one will notice a distinctly different stylization.

I read an article about the man that killed the first wolf in my state.