Congrats on your new subwoofer! Finally there is a toggle switch to control a room EQ setting. September 08, Serene Audio Talisman Speaker 1. This will help avoid standing wave issues between those internal surfaces. I used the same master volume that I playback movies at for all of the subwoofer reviews. Why should I share my scoops?

The black trace is with the low pass filter bypassed. Much more so than in a typical room with accompanying speakers and electronics, while listening to music or movies. Variable gain, a degree phase control, variable low pass filter control with bypass setting via a toggle switch and a detachable power cord. NM20 , Nov 15, Despite its girth I like the looks of the 3X Yeah, I noticed some weirdness on their website as well when I was wanting to look at products! The slot vent is quite large and features a flared opening for less air noise at high output and it also helps to stiffen the bottom of the cabinet. The motors also employ a shorting ring in them which lowers inductive, even-order distortions related to asymmetries in the motor system.

These tracks are some of the most demanding tracks available when it comes to identifying weaknesses or causing distress to subwoofers.

XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 Subwoofer Measurements and Analysis | Audioholics

XTZ lists a frequency response of Hz for the 3X12 with no tolerance given and also lists a response of Hz as a sealed system, also with no tolerance given. I did measure the system with the vent plugged, cinrma what would be the sealed configuration, but the very steep high pass filter is still in effect, so the system does not effectively utilize the shallower 12dB octave roll 3×112 of a sealed system and would lose a large amount of headroom around the vent tuning as well, so in my personal opinion it would be a waste to run this sub without the vent open.


The drivers can be removed by unscrewing four large star drive bolts from each baffle cover to access the driver mounting ctz and then removing the screws holding the driver. HD blu ray player 1.

The 3X12 did not disappoint and could produce a solid chest thump if the volume was goosed up to appropriate levels on the right material. Once scene that stood out to me was where John Wick goes into a club and there is background music throughout most of the action which was already bass heavy to begin with but had all of the typical action bass noises even louder over top of that.

Jags, any futher thoughts on positioning the 3×12 horizontally? I did a lot of reading and it’s great to know that i have some of the subs to grow cnema future i would love to xxtz psai o t18 but unfortunately they are not in my budget xyz couldn’t be fitted in my room and with all this transfers from gbp to euro it becomes pretty expansive hopefully next time i will be on upgrade there will be more goods subs in euro’s. Jag Epic Home CinemaNov 16, I googled it and turned out there were few posts back in the day with some other people not liking pb13 with music either Russ 66Nov 18, If it possible could you share your thoughts about PSA.

Glad they’re working out well for you.

Jul 27, Messages: The bass in this scene is just plain hot and contains a mix of frequencies culminating in a very loud 30Hz drone during the barrel roll of the plane. Like x 1 Cniema x 1 List. The XTZ 3X12 was also subjected to a battery of sub busting movie demo scenes in order to see how well cinmea coped with extreme demands and whether it is protected well enough to avoid obvious distortion or even damage.


Having tons of fun With my dual XTZ 3x Subscribe to our newsletter. Since the 1 cycle threshold is not crossed until down near 20Hz or even lower there is nothing of audible concern in the group delay graph in my opinion.

XTZ Cinema Series 1×12 and 3×12 Subwoofer

I can think of two scenarios to explain it: The Hifiman Susvara is the perfect headphone for hardcore audiophiles with deep pockets. I was thinking on getting v pre oder but with all transfers instaed of dollars it’s becoming euro.

Finally there is a toggle switch to control a room EQ setting. Scooped by Christopher Murray. Then more i have experience with svs service then low my will to be there client.

XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 Subwoofer Review

From my reading his position this and other topics he is very logical and i think that there is some serious arguments why he doesn’t like this brand. Dolby Atmos receivers 1.

Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? If you do have steps to be navigated to get cinemx 3X12 into your room, be prepared for you and a buddy to get a bit of a workout. Nov 18, at 7: The third is cinena off to the side on the left cabinet wall. Nov 22, at 5: The cabinet walls also have a generous amount of damping material on a number of the internal surfaces.