The only way for Haqua to be freed from its control is to calm the negative emotions in her heart. Keima and Elsie overhear from the chauffeur that Mio is no longer rich since her father has died and her mother has been working hard to make ends meet. Views Read Edit View history. Keima’s is bewildered when Ayumi is no longer angry and leaves but not before telling him to be nice to Chihiro. Suspicious, Keima has Haqua get more information from Nora while he continues his conquests. Unfortunately, Haqua and Chihiro are heading in the same direction which prompts him to take Ayumi and Miyako inside the mall. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites.

As Shiori removes some books to be disposed of and laments to herself about their fate, Keima helps her get one book she cannot reach. He accidentally accepts a contract with a demon named Elcea de Rux Ima , or Elsie, who wants his help in capturing evil spirits that have escaped from hell and have hidden themselves in girls’ hearts. At the forest, Keima tries to stop Ayumi from revealing to Chihiro that she’s also in love with Keima but the three of them are captured by agents of Vintage until Haqua saves them. Meanwhile, Nora discovers Kanon and demands an explanation from Haqua. Archived from the original on May 4, Keima kisses her in front of Nora to make it look real.

Keima already knew that she always wanted to socialize, but her fears of being misunderstood prevented that, which is why she reads books as an escape from the real world.

When she looks for more books about yki trucks, she asks one of the librarians, Shiori Shiomiya and detects a spirit inside of her.

Yui Goidou

Keima’s is bewildered when Ayumi is no longer uyi and leaves but not before telling him to be nice to Chihiro. Retrieved June 10, At the forest, Keima tries to stop Ayumi from revealing to Chihiro that she’s also in love with Keima but the three of them are captured by agents of Vintage until Haqua saves them. While he and Tenri were on a sailing ship, an earthquake struck which stranded the ship off the coast.

She also starts playing drums at Chihiro’s band after that. While Keima thinks Shiori used the library index, Shiori, deep in thought, wants to tell goid she was able to find them as she remembered all the books she reads in the library but is too shy to speak up.

Haqua explains the spirits are the souls of the demons who were overthrown and sealed by demons who opposed their wicked ways.

Kanon reveals to him she still remembers her time with him and declares she loves yji much to their class’ goodo. But when the students tell her that they do not have the zeal to improve themselves, a frustrated Jun inadvertently berates them before storming out the classroom. The chauffeur leaves in disgust after the proud Mio refuses to stop pretending to be rich. They use a magical scale model of the school, including autonomous dolls of them and the students that follow their command by a mic.

Keima narrows his suspects to Ayumi, Chihiro, Shiori and Tsukiyo Kujyo, who were all embarrassed around him. Archived from the original on June 10, Just when it seems Vintage will capture them, Diana flies and rescues Mercurius and loyalist spirit hunters led by Akari battle Vintage at Point Rock which Akari tells Keima his work is done and he may leave.


But their music is horrible and needs more practice; Elsie suggests forming a light music club after viewing an anime about it.

As Keima and Elsie leave, he tells her his views on idols has not changed, but said Kanon not as an idol, but a shining star. As Elsie decides to capture the spirit herself, Kanon is mistaken by her manager Okada for one of the young girls here for the audition and is brought into the eppisode. Unfortunately, she misunderstands the recipe instructions and mistakenly uses hellish ingredients instead of normal ones, causing many accidents including releasing a mandragon and blowing up the home economics classroom.

At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if she ask anything before continuing their wedding. Four pieces of theme music were used for the first season. Keima explains to the audience how he has captured fourteen girls and two unique girls after the last season.

When Chihiro tries protest that someone as average as her can never be special, Keima kisses her by surprise and tells her as long as she truly wants it, nothing can stop her from becoming special. With two targets left, Keima decides to use his cold to get Ayumi to visit him by calling her while he calls Chihiro not to come so both of them won’t visit at the same time.

This episode features four different perspectives happening on the same day. Elsie returns home and vows to make another cake for Keima.

Nora, who is known to force spirits out from humans by violent means, reads Tenri mind and thinks Keima is the cause of her possession and plans to kill him. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Next, he meets up with Chihiro at the music store where he praises a song she wrote. As she inquires his crossdressing and eat at a Ramen shop, Shiori tells Keima that she wants to make a story of him. Elsie confirms to Haqua that the spirit has been found inside the school theater. Diana asks Keima to help find her sisters and reveals they reside in his past conquests, who did not forget their memories with him.

It is revealed Shiori has been unable to speak normally to people due to her shyness, so she has been exploring various books to compensate for this. Realizing there’s a connection between Diana and the spirits, she reveals she was the one who sealed the spirits in Hell.

Katsuragi also starts acting a little more feminine after this arc, but the biggest change can be seen on Yui.

The next day, Keima crossdress as a girl which gains Yui interest to awaken her past memories while unknowingly being overseen by Shiori. Keima sends Tsukiyo home warning Vulcanus not to reveal herself while he searches for the other goddesses. Realizing he cannot finish all of his games at this pace, Keima decides to up the ante by playing twenty-four games at once.


At the same time, Kanon is stalked by a hooded stranger much to her worry. Seeing a connection, Keima heads to the theater where he discovers the entry and exit of the underground tunnel has been sealed.

Elsie finds this shocking yet bewildering and leaves him alone. As Haqua reveals to Keima that all of his past conquests where captured by Vintage after they correctly suspect the Goddesses were hiding in them, Ayumi heads home as Nora offers her assistance to watch her. After learning there are still 60, spirits to be captured before his contract is finished, Keima goes into a depression, not helping matters when his classmate the cheerful Chihiro Kosaka makes fun of him.

Keima, already aware that Haqua was the spirit hunter who failed to capture the spirit, offers to find the spirit at school in exchange for telling him what the evil spirits are. Believing at first everything was just a dream, Kozue reveals she remembers everything which Kanon tells her to keep it a secret and selects her as her little sister. As the credits roll with scenes of the current and new characters of the series, Elsie announces the third season of the anime and a new OVA.

The spirit has gotten powerful from feeding on the negative emotions of the unconscious students around them, which it then escapes to the roof by possessing the students to stop Haqua and Elsie.

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As Jun arrives at the old girls basketball team locker room, Keima confronts her for still remaining epiosde same way since her team disbanded. Kodama arrives at the Katsuragi residence for his meeting with Mari, but sees the mandragon get eaten by the “lunch” that Elsie made ggoido, scaring him away. Keima cheers her on glido displaying banners using Elsie’s magical raiment at the school field each day.

Keima plans to spend an hour each with the girls to raise their affection for him without any of them encountering each other with Haqua’s help. A sad Kanon suddenly starts to disappear in front of Keima and Elsie. After failing to connect themselves in their date, Keima and Kusunoki decide to eat an ice cream together, being the most romantic thing to do.

Overjoyed by this revelation, he gathers information on Yuta which he then formulates into a plan, where he helps Chihiro get a notable impression from Yuta. Due to helping Elsie capture spirits, Keima has gathered a large backlog of new games he has not played yet. Nora explains to Haqua that Vintage have infiltrated the spirit hunters and the search order for the goddesses is a plot to capture them.